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Government to provide financial assistance to pay for Government Employees' Pension

I have been away from blogging for a long time after my last post on Bank of Maldives. I think it is time I started punching the keyboard again.

I was quite disturbed by our President’s announcement that he will pay the employees’ share of the Government Employee’s contribution to the Pension Fund. This is sad because, we, who work in the commercial sector and the self-employed men and women are the real engines of this country’s development and the economy.

The fact that the President rises up to the occassion to lift the burden of their personal Pension Fund contribution for government employees, does show that the President is ill-informed of the contribution that those working in the commercial sector and the self-employed men and women contribute to his government to pay for its expenses; and also pay for the civil service who serve his government.

It is also sad, that just like the previous government did not realize the place the workers of this country hold in keeping the country going, this government too seems to be the same. I wish that the President will have wise political and legal counsel to do the right thing, instead of subsiding a pension package for those who are relatively better.


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The Controversial Presidential Commission

The Controversial Presidential Commission is the QA show on TVM tonight. The panel of today’s show include Commission spokesperson Haseen and DRP MP Alhan Fahmy.

Speaking of the Commission, the outgoing US Ambassador to Maldives publicly sanctioned the government on the activities of the Commission and asked that corruption be investigated through independent institutions of the state. Later, the Deputy High Commissioner of the UK, who was here to launch the UKinMaldives endorsed the Commission and called for it to look into all corruption issues. (It would be indeed a task to see the big picture behind the UKinMaldives initiative.) Interesting ha!

Speaking on tonight’s show, Commission Spokesperson said that the Commission would base its investigations on the reports of the indepenent commissions such as the Anti Corruption Commission and the Auditor General. The integrity of both the commissions are in question if the reports of fraud by the Auditor General and complicity in covering up fraud by the Chairman of the Anti Corruption Board. (Some of my friends tell me that nothing in Haveeru Daily Paper are to be believed, as it is a propaganda machine of the former Dictator Maumoon.)

The Commission headed and co-chaired by Hussain Rasheed the Leader of the religous Adaalath Party who was instrumental in claiming that the former Dictator Maumoon is a kaafir (non-believer), is claimed to be an indepdent commission by its proponents. The majority party in Parliament – DRP claim that the Commission is an instrument to target individuals within their party ranks.

A very interesting question that comes to my mind is, how the Commission will justify its investigations only to certain individuals who has been reported in AG Reports which were publicized in a questionable manner. The integrity of the Anti Corruption Commission is also now in question by his collusion to cover up alleged fraud by the Auditor General.

What about major players of the Gayoom Regime who are in the current one who are alleged to have been masterminds of Corruption in Maldives?


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Fighting Breaks out in Parliament

Today is a historic day for Maldives. A friend just told me that fighting has broken out between rival factions in the Special Majlis or the Upper House of Parliament. Haveeru also reported that the meeting was adjourned as it was not possible to proceed with the meeting.

This is the Parliament that was hurt and upset over remarks made by the then Foreign Minister Dr. Shaheed about them. They believe they are divine and are not capable of any wrongdoing.

It is a day of celebration. We have matured and bloomed into a full democracy. Long Live the Divine People’s Majlis of the Republic of Maldives.

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Caucuses: Disintegration or Consolidation?

New Maldives was the exciting story of a young group of Minister’s in President Gayoom’s cabinet who believed in the latent potential of the creative minds and the inherent nature of the people of our country to excel and reach new heights, and to find new solutions to the challenges facing the country. (Sorry, if the semantics is off-beat.)
The extraordinary story came to a climax with the resignation of Dr. Hassan Saeed and Uz. Jameel from the cabinet followed calculatedly on the 19th day following the resignations that rocked the nation. However there were no vibrations to follow; except ofcourse an epilogue in Dr. Shaheed’s calcualted resignation. Nineteen is a blessed way of starting things for some people!
Yet some would consider that the New Maldives is a silo created by the President to withstand the challenge to his leadership from the MDP. The other breakaway faction is yet another silo. Though not so evident, that there are other silos built around the old guard who call the real shots from behind the screen savers; some within the files and ranks of the central establishment.
In addition to the party silos, the President has also succeeded in forming a hypnotic coalition with less important opponents including the Adaalath who (on state television) called him a murderer and a dictator. This in itself is a silo created by the President to face the challenge to his leadership by the opposition MDP.
MDP had the opportunity to form a working relationship and build silos to defragment the leadership of the President, with these same parties and factions. Why was it not done? Why was it not possible? Was it a failure of leadership, tactic or strategy?
A nation – as a people, look for leadership. Leadership is a function that has wisdom and create confidence. Such leadership provide people with a beacon to follow. Who is the leader of our opposition? Is it the Chaiperson or the President? Will he take the helm should the silos of the President wither, or handover to someone else in waiting? Who is he?
I couldn’t help wondering whether the caucuses that we see in the DRP as a strategy of consolidation, against the more widely held perception of disintegration. As an independent observer of the politics around us, I couldn’t help wondering!
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The Aftermath of 8/18 Referendum

The incidents unfolding after the 8/18 Referendum are scary:
Was the referendum rigged? :by Inaya Shareef
New Maldives replaced: by Ajay Makan
God only knows the truth!  
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The Referendum may have been Rigged!

Vow! The Eleven Member Committee who have ultimate authority over the 8/18 Referendum has refused to endorse the results of the referendum. Now several things will have to follow: (a) the Elections Commissioner has to face a vote of no confidence! (b) there has to be a petition to the Special Majlis by the DRP (c) there has to be an all out riot in Male and the population centres of Male’. And to make it more dramatic, pershaps an arson here and there.
Now the question is: when a whole battery of over 3,000 Maldivians have conspired in favor of the sitting President how do you find a way to hold a free and fair election. They are so corrupt. The workable alternatives:
(One): Contract the referendum to the MDP. They are experienced; they have staged a free and fair election nation wide, already this year.  (Two): Contract the referendum to the British Conservative Party. They are very honorable and trustworthy people and partners in democracy and good governance. (Three): Contract the consultancy and overseeing of the referendum to the Madeline Albright Foundation. (Four): A military take over backed by the DRP and its supporters.
Better still would be to have the Special Majlis to conduct the referendum themselves without interference from anyone. All government officials must be removed from the voter register. Voting must be only open for Maldivians not serving the corrupt regime of the dictator.
BTW: David Hardingham is celebrating the success of his campaign to completely ruin the economy of the Maldives, by Maldivians themselves. He can now rest in peace that his mission is accomplished; Maumoon and his people punished for what they did to hurt him. People in Britain should not suffer. Maldivians are a doomed people, so its ok for them.
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A Nation in Peril

Haveeru reported breaking news this morning that an expatriate has been mutilated and killed in Kulhudhuffushi: as the nation is alerted to the death of two victims of road accidents in Fuvah Mulaku and Addu Atoll. It was only a few days ago that a Bangladeshi citizen was found chained to a tree in a residence used as labor quarters by expatriate laborers. Further details of the incident has not been disclosed by the newspaper which initially reported the matter, nor on the Maldives Police Service website.
Maldives … a haven for holiday makers; is now becoming more famous as a paradise for people who sexually abuse young children and also for ruthless murderers and thugs. Paradise … because there is little likelihood that they will be caught and even if caught the court system is so outdated that there are no laws to deal with them. Australian experts and consultants have been working along with Maldivian specialists for the last two years but there is no end in sight to bring a solution to all this mess.
And the obvious thing about the Kulhudhuffushi murder is that it is quite possible that the suspect will be known to many. Yet no one will dare open their mouth, the fate of the Himandhoo brothers is not far in our memories. And the fear of a "private" death sentence for the one who opens the mouth is quite possible in any of our islands today.
Maldives – a nation in peril! What an achievement!
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Maldivians Have Decided: Anger, Frustration and Joy

The party of the President of the Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, has claimed victory in a referendum on a new constitutional system; [] the BBC has reported. Haveeru sums it up by saying, "President declares victory in referendum, calls for national reconciliation: [] displaying the picture of the president smiling like never before, flanked by the first lady and with a young man in dark sun glasses in the background. Haveeru also reported that,
"Election observers have said that the elections held yesterday was largely free and fair, and was brisk and peaceful. It was observed closely by Commonwealth monitors."
I went to Alfresco for a coffee after office around six and was confronted by a person who said he has been deeply angered by my support of the dictator who has taken innocent lives in this country. He knew me more than I did and was adamant that it was culprits like me who kept this regime up and running. He also blamed the people of Maldives who had voted for the presidential form of government as ignorant and arrogant. His reaction was cause by a statement that I made to the effet that MDP leadership needs to adopt a more inclusive strategy than a confrontational strategy; and they could have swinged this referendum to their cause had they done so.
As my usual self, I did not argue with him and only made a casual remark so as not to be rude. But then walking back to the office; I realized that people like me have no place in our society today. We have to be vulgar and all-knowing to be worthy of citizenship.
If a nobody like me were to be even suspected of having goodwill to an ounce of the regime, we were traitors. But the many who belonged to certain families and cliques, however much they benefit from a corrupt and ruthless regime could be excused; when they are responsible for the upkeep of the regime. I felt sad for this nation and what we have become!

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Child Abuse: Getting Personal

It is worthy to note that Haveeru News team has been vigilant at keeping the pressure on all quarters to keep the children’s sexual abuse on the top of the national agenda. Hilath Rasheed writes again:
It is worth noting that we need professionalism and keeping our egoes out of the issues that become a concern to us. What is said not verbally sometimes has the maximum impact. Getting personal seems to be something that is so often noticeable by its absence (verbally) in Haveeru. But that maybe a professional tactic in the highest realms of journalism.
Let’s put up a clean act. Are we up against a person or a wrong? Just a thought!
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Coke or Pepsi: Or is there a Third Choice

Imagine:  Someone walks up to me and says, "would you like to have a Coke or a Pepsi," and I tell him no. He starts trying to convince me that I should chose one.
This has been my plight today. People are trying to tell me that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and that I should exercise my right to vote. They fail to understand that in any referendum that there are three choices for the citizen. He can either vote yes or no; have the right to to say no to the referendum. To vote yes or no is actually saying yes to the referendum.
When the people have elected their representatives to revise the constitution and are paying them b…f… millions (which the people cannot afford), and these elected representatives have failed to deliver, they should pay for it. Now they are being rewarded for it. The MDP parliamentarians will say all the suffering of the people are because they voted for a Presidential System. The DRP guys will say it was because the people supported the Parliamentary System that there is so much chaos and instability. This whole referendum is an escape strategy – by design or not.
[Interestingly, the parliament that gave us Maumoon for thirty years; and are condemning and telling the world that it was wrong to have him rule us for thirty years – were quick to denounce and attack Dr. Shaheed when he made a factual statement. They are immune even from the very public who they have pledged to serve! Any citizen of any constituency represented by an MP should have the right to take him to court on how the MP represents the people. That would be good governance. We don’t have to see how it is done in the most industrialized nations to decide what is good for us.]
There should have been a system where by those who want to bring this gross wrong to the attention of the public are able to do so. That would be a vote against the referendum; a referendum that is wrong.
Should I not have the choice of not drinking either Coke or Pepsi; and should I be denied from making my choice known in a referendum. Most of us seem to be followers of a cult by my definition. We are tribal by design and don’t seem to be able to think for ourselves.
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