A Nation in Peril

20 Aug

Haveeru reported breaking news this morning that an expatriate has been mutilated and killed in Kulhudhuffushi: as the nation is alerted to the death of two victims of road accidents in Fuvah Mulaku and Addu Atoll. It was only a few days ago that a Bangladeshi citizen was found chained to a tree in a residence used as labor quarters by expatriate laborers. Further details of the incident has not been disclosed by the newspaper which initially reported the matter, nor on the Maldives Police Service website.
Maldives … a haven for holiday makers; is now becoming more famous as a paradise for people who sexually abuse young children and also for ruthless murderers and thugs. Paradise … because there is little likelihood that they will be caught and even if caught the court system is so outdated that there are no laws to deal with them. Australian experts and consultants have been working along with Maldivian specialists for the last two years but there is no end in sight to bring a solution to all this mess.
And the obvious thing about the Kulhudhuffushi murder is that it is quite possible that the suspect will be known to many. Yet no one will dare open their mouth, the fate of the Himandhoo brothers is not far in our memories. And the fear of a "private" death sentence for the one who opens the mouth is quite possible in any of our islands today.
Maldives – a nation in peril! What an achievement!
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