Misinformation: Parliamentary v. Presidential

08 Aug

This morning as I commuted to work, I got down from the ferry and boarded a taxi to STO Trade Centre. The driver of the taxi asked me which form of government I supported for the country. I told him that I will not be voting in the Public Vote to decide a Form of Government because it did not give a clear set of choices. I told him that the Special Majlis has not adopted the institutions that will form each of the forms of government and what would be the powers of those institutions. So the choices were not clear.
As we continued the dicussion, I also told him that we started the reform process demanding that (i) the people should be able to elect the leader of the country directly; instead of the parliament giving us one, (ii) that the executive, the legislature and the judiciary should be independant of each other, (iii) that ministers should not be in parliament; parliament to be independent of the government, (iv) that no one should be above the law, and that (v) politicians should not control institutions that serve the people; the civil service should be independent. I told him that these were made right under a proper presidential system based on liberal democratic values.
The driver got a little upset. He told me that what I was saying is what all Maumoon supporters and the government supporters are deliberately saying to mislead the people. I asked him why he supported the parliamentary form. He told me that it was the only way to get rid of Maumoon. I asked how. He said that in the parliamentary system; anyone who has been President for more than two terms will not be able to hold Office of the President!
Later as we got closer to the STO Trade Centre, I told him that I had worked in the government for sixteen years; and that I know how bad it is and how good it is; and that I left for very valid reasons. I was saved from being "a traitor" to this country. The temper on his face had subsided by the time I opened the door of the taxi to get out, saying thank you to the driver. At that moment, I was reminded of a parent and student from Villingili who were asked to get out of a taxi half way to Dharubaaruge, because the drive saw they were not pro-parliamentary.
Some people want change; whatever! They live around a Mecca of Maumoon day and night. Our political leaders must be laughing twenty four hours a day. Most of us are divided into two cults; one against and one for Maumoon. Either way he is the Mecca of Maldives!

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4 responses to “Misinformation: Parliamentary v. Presidential

  1. Mohamed

    August 10, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    You are absolutely right Sofwath. We are in a confused state right now. We want change; but what? Do we want to change Maumoon or change the system? I think it is important that we devise and implement a system that will ensure that what we have experienced under Maumoon will never be allowed to happen for the future generations. But I am hopeful of the future; though I can understand your frustration and pessimism. Most of us are right now – dillusioned!  

  2. Sofwath

    August 9, 2007 at 6:14 pm

    very true. I must say. Most people who are standing up for the system have no idea whats its all about and the benefits. Some or most don’t even care; this has become more like a race. Logical thinking is not acceptable to most. As you indicated most just want to get rid of Maumoon. I am 100% with that too; but not with the cost of creating another Maumoon or Maumoon’s and destroying our future. There should be reasons for anything; why you stand pro or anti against anything. You should be able to justify and reason out. Recently I have been attacked by words like "Sofwathullah thiulhenee Vaanuvaa neygigen … Golhabo haadhavarakashey boa kaalaafa thihiree." and a lot more. When I ask these people to explain to be why I should not think and support how I am now; all they tell me is "Golhaaboa". Thats the answer and the question for most. None of them is able to explain logically why I should support a parlimentary system. And even they can’t answer why they associate me with Maumoon and DRP is I support a presidential system. My answer is simple; Just cos Maumoon is a Muslim and he says there is one god; should I say No; there is many gods and I am not a Muslim, reasoning that Maumoon is a Muslim. Now different arguments can be put up; but it should be logical. Its really frustrating now some people think and how some people are made to think; why the people they trust. What I see is things is bad; and its in the process of getting worse. Sorry to say and think so; but thats how I feel now.

  3. Mohamed

    August 9, 2007 at 7:37 am

    Miss inform, more than inform is what few are doing at this critical time. I recently has had an experience with a driver too. I think drivers are a very unique group in Male’s political context. shahuru @

  4. Mohamed

    August 8, 2007 at 4:00 pm

    The driver was very upset when I told him that that we had been given a leader by the parliament for the last thirty years. That what we have now is not a proper presidential system; but that a parliament gave us our leader. That in a presidential system we can chose our own leader. That is when he almost snapped with a temper.  

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