Blast from the Past

05 Aug

Quote (from 21 November 2005)

The Reforms a Century Late … better than Never

  Reform are in full swing in the Maldives and ongoing without a hitch. Several things have been done and are being put on the table. But the "anti-reformists" are still not satisfied. The "anti-reformists" or the opposition to the government claim that it is all lipservice and that the dictatorship of President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom will continue to suppress the people of this "Land of the Sunshine …Maldives".

  Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party which is led by the President has made a proposal to the government of an initiative to drive the druggies off the streets of Male and to make the country free of drugs in four months. The party memebership also has all the cabinet ministers and senior government officials including the Deputy Minister of Family and Gender charged with the National Narcotics Control Bureau.

  The President speaking at the Republic Day gathering held nine days after November 11th [which is the Republic Day] said that after two years of reform we are in a "new" country now. He has indeed spoken the truth! We now live in a "new" country of lawlessness and anarchy. The police which announced their introduction into the new Maldives "to protect and serve" the people are no longer a part of civil society. They are seen as perpetrators of unfair brutalities against the public … far worse than the brutal NSS [the National Security Services and the Ministry of Defence] they replaced.

  Thanks to the likes of Fathhulla Jameel … colleague and friend to our President, that we have successfuly corrupted and degenerated a nation to the point of no return.

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