Independent Maldives: For whom?

26 Jul

It may also be true that the independence that we are celebrating today, can very well be a celebration of the oppression of the non-Male’ people by the "elite" of Male’. Some of the fortunate and cunning islanders have got themselves turned into the elite class.
We have enjoyed over 40 years of oppression. I was born the year following our independence and I have felt nothing other than oppression, in all my life. The most basic human right (known to me) is that of a right to a home. I have so far none – nor do my children. Some may contest my opinion – but I would still hold onto it. The fact is that I work day and night to make ends meet; and I do not have the possibility of owning a place I could call home.
The father of our independence was determined that we shall not be subservient to a foreign power; but he did not develop a mindset where all will be equal and have equal benefits as citizens of this country. He left the country to complete new comers who were amateurs at understanding what it means to lead and develop a people and a nation.
As was pointed out by Karankaa Rasheed, it was the Addu Issue that led to the Independence Day of Maldives. It would be interesting to see whether the second stage of independence to the people of our country – independence from the clutches of the elite, would come in the hands of an Adduan (Dr. Munavvaru) or something to do with Addu (Herathera perhaps!).
The irony of all this is that the majority of peole from Addu seem to favor the parliamentary system of government; against the proposed presidential form of government – which in effect would be the civilized modern day legal instrument for the consolidation of power by the elite. It will forever close all doors for the ordinary people of this country to have a say in who should lead them.
People from Addu will make the difference, if Karankaa Rasheed is right in his judgement of cause and effect; but then which way that would be will have to be left to historians to judge 40 years from now.
Independence is a wonderful thing for those who have it!

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2 responses to “Independent Maldives: For whom?

  1. Mohamed

    July 29, 2007 at 9:10 am

    It saddens to accept our misfortune, that we have to wait another 40 years to know whether we are making good decisions today. Then the people of that generation will change another bit and wait another 40 years to check if they get right. Can’t we light up the touch for certain today and pass to the new generation? shahuru –

  2. Yasir

    July 26, 2007 at 11:52 am

    right to a home …most basic human right… LOL. I too may never get to own house in the capital where survival lies. How sad. 

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