The Referendum may have been Rigged!

21 Aug

Vow! The Eleven Member Committee who have ultimate authority over the 8/18 Referendum has refused to endorse the results of the referendum. Now several things will have to follow: (a) the Elections Commissioner has to face a vote of no confidence! (b) there has to be a petition to the Special Majlis by the DRP (c) there has to be an all out riot in Male and the population centres of Male’. And to make it more dramatic, pershaps an arson here and there.
Now the question is: when a whole battery of over 3,000 Maldivians have conspired in favor of the sitting President how do you find a way to hold a free and fair election. They are so corrupt. The workable alternatives:
(One): Contract the referendum to the MDP. They are experienced; they have staged a free and fair election nation wide, already this year.  (Two): Contract the referendum to the British Conservative Party. They are very honorable and trustworthy people and partners in democracy and good governance. (Three): Contract the consultancy and overseeing of the referendum to the Madeline Albright Foundation. (Four): A military take over backed by the DRP and its supporters.
Better still would be to have the Special Majlis to conduct the referendum themselves without interference from anyone. All government officials must be removed from the voter register. Voting must be only open for Maldivians not serving the corrupt regime of the dictator.
BTW: David Hardingham is celebrating the success of his campaign to completely ruin the economy of the Maldives, by Maldivians themselves. He can now rest in peace that his mission is accomplished; Maumoon and his people punished for what they did to hurt him. People in Britain should not suffer. Maldivians are a doomed people, so its ok for them.
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