Stuck to their Chairs by their Addiction: the Honorable Hypocrites!

29 Jul

I have stopped watching the television broadcasts of the National Circus that is called the Special Majlis,  stopped reading about it in the media or listening to it’s media hattricks; however, how much I wanted to rid my life of these hypocrites and their drama I "stumbled into th issue" this afternoon.
A member of the Special Majlis I happened to bump into on the road on my way back from our lawyer’s office said this: "today also the Majlis was adjourned for failing to meet a qourum of members, after the interval"! I inquired further and he told that this incident today was not a deliberate incident even on the part of the "reformist". According to my friend, they has just been outside under the shade of the resort-style umbrellas and sipping their coffee and having a smoke. And it is these similar Honorable Hypocrites who on television act out sainthood for the constituents they represent.
My friend told me that they were not only hypocrites but their attitude was that of simple carelessness. They did not care about this country or its future or its people. They only wanted one thing. They wanted to boost their ego. And interestingly that is what someone else said the other day. He told me to look at how the life and lifestyle of most people have changed since they took their seats three or five years ago. They were reaping the benefits of their sweat during the run up to the elections when they were elected.
And on my way to the night market I came across an MP, another friend of mine, who told me that the culprits were the 29 members appointed to the Special Majlis by the President. He said that all the members, despite their busy schedules were present, to vote for a motion that they wanted to pass through – to save Gasim. Then during interval had their refreshments and went back to whatever they were up to, from the Majlis Session. According to him the few non-DRP members having a coffee and to smoke cannot be blamed; as they were doing so in protest at what was going on. And in order to bring this to light.
Whatever, this is a Majlis that has not been able to deliver; and this Majlis should make way for one with the capacity to deliver. This Majlis is a disgrace to our nation. But as the latter said, Maumoon could get the Constitution through anytime he wanted; as was evident from what has been possible when Abbas had to be saved and now Gasim. But the irony is we also hear some Honorable Hyprocrites say that the "Coalition of the Reformists" are now the majority in the Special Majlis.

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2 responses to “Stuck to their Chairs by their Addiction: the Honorable Hypocrites!

  1. Mohamed

    July 30, 2007 at 10:29 am

    I for one think you shouldn’t stop watching the telecast of Majlis meetings. We must watch it. Talk about it. Write about them. Humiliate them. Teach our children to do the same. Our decision might not be right in electing them. But by the time our children go to ballot boxes it will become common practice to vote for the nation instead of candidates. How about recording the meeting and sitting with your children in weekends and helping the kids to come a conclusion who is doing the job and who is not! Why is and why is not! Shihab; you are making a difference. Keep writing. shahuru – 

  2. Mohamed

    July 29, 2007 at 8:29 pm

    I cannot help but pity the people of this godforsaken land! Our forefathers (the ones who we celebrate) ripped us off; the current ones (in any position of power) are the same. We are told to celebrate them so that our future generations will celebrate the cultprits of today!  

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