I guess a parliamentary system will take this seriously!

13 Aug

The following is a linke to the news on Haveeru of three men who tortured and videoed a 15 year old girl nude in the "woods" of Villingili, an island of Male’ 8 minutes by boat. According to the newspaper the case was reported on the 8th of this month. And it is b..f… irresponsible that such a matter has not been reported to the public by the authorities, three days since; for purposes of national security and human rights, perhaps! People who have the capacity to digest such atrocities and keep it under the carpet to disclose in due course, needs to be replaced at the first next opportunity. This country cannot show leniency to child molesters, rapists, and cold blooded murderers. [They could have murdered this girl too!]
My immediate reaction on reading the news item, was to call people whom I know who are in places which are related to the matter. A very educated argument that I got from one was, that newspapers sometime create a zeal out of these issues and are also known to fabricate the truth. That the names and faces of the accused will not be disclosed, in any developed country, unless it was established that the accused were the real culprits. When I further insisted I was told that it could be me who was wrongly accused – rights, my foot! Some were sympathetic to my view that the faces should be shown. After all, they do that for lesser crimes; and the accused are blamed in the media well in advance of the court decisions.
I guess I have to modiy my decision not to vote in the upcoming referendum; and go out and vote parliamentary. A presidential system will be run by educated technocrats. A parliamentary system of government will be run by ordinary people without much education like me and the great majority of this country; who will understand and listen to our feelings and pulse, more than the high class elite. Our matters will be taken more seriously. I am compelled to consider a parliamentary form of government to secure a better future for my children and grand children.
I will make a conclusion on Friday. The decision by the educated elite of this country who run the government now will tell us how swiftly a presidential system of government can address of matters of national importance to the people over those that are important to the sitting President! Let’s see.
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