The Controversial Presidential Commission

02 Jun

The Controversial Presidential Commission is the QA show on TVM tonight. The panel of today’s show include Commission spokesperson Haseen and DRP MP Alhan Fahmy.

Speaking of the Commission, the outgoing US Ambassador to Maldives publicly sanctioned the government on the activities of the Commission and asked that corruption be investigated through independent institutions of the state. Later, the Deputy High Commissioner of the UK, who was here to launch the UKinMaldives endorsed the Commission and called for it to look into all corruption issues. (It would be indeed a task to see the big picture behind the UKinMaldives initiative.) Interesting ha!

Speaking on tonight’s show, Commission Spokesperson said that the Commission would base its investigations on the reports of the indepenent commissions such as the Anti Corruption Commission and the Auditor General. The integrity of both the commissions are in question if the reports of fraud by the Auditor General and complicity in covering up fraud by the Chairman of the Anti Corruption Board. (Some of my friends tell me that nothing in Haveeru Daily Paper are to be believed, as it is a propaganda machine of the former Dictator Maumoon.)

The Commission headed and co-chaired by Hussain Rasheed the Leader of the religous Adaalath Party who was instrumental in claiming that the former Dictator Maumoon is a kaafir (non-believer), is claimed to be an indepdent commission by its proponents. The majority party in Parliament – DRP claim that the Commission is an instrument to target individuals within their party ranks.

A very interesting question that comes to my mind is, how the Commission will justify its investigations only to certain individuals who has been reported in AG Reports which were publicized in a questionable manner. The integrity of the Anti Corruption Commission is also now in question by his collusion to cover up alleged fraud by the Auditor General.

What about major players of the Gayoom Regime who are in the current one who are alleged to have been masterminds of Corruption in Maldives?


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5 responses to “The Controversial Presidential Commission

  1. Anonymous

    August 16, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    why should the global clientele patronize a business entity that doesn't uphold/instill moral ethics in its employees? Doing business is not only to line some people's wallets with money but also to serve as role models for the future generations. This is simply ridiculous!

  2. Anonymous

    August 12, 2010 at 6:03 am

    the above-mentioned executive assistant actually opened an account in the same website in 2009. So this is asisde from the account that's being talked about here (which she opened in 2007). In an attempt to evade her responsibility in the offense committed, she deactivated the 2007 profile and retained the one she created in 2009. It's really natural that people with offensive morals can wholeheartedly go around loops to save themselves. We knew about the activity of this colleague of ours since long time ago but we didn't see the real motive. The well-preserved copy of her deactivated profile vividly lays all the cards about the above-named person. I hope people of the world will fight for children's rights. Maldives, don't be a fool to all these expatriates who are accommodated in the country.

  3. Anonymous

    August 9, 2010 at 8:50 am

    Anonymous said… There is a new big issue about One and Only Reethi Rah. The EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT named Mercy Reyes Fajardo was found to have been having a prostituting website on the internet. This is an act that is no one's business if this, as we may say, is a personal lifestyle. But Reethi Rah's management's lack of action despite very obviously identifiable information that the said person had posted, linking her name to Reethi Rah as a legitimate employee, plus posting pictures of guests' children that she took shots of during her part-time babysitting hours, is really not an amusing thing. Guests from all over the world should be discouraged from choosing One and Only Reethi Rah as a destination for holidays, especially if they have kids with them, as it is a place where their rights won't be respected, their rights would be invaded, and their kids exploited. If anyone is interested in seeing the pictures of children who were posted by Mercy Reyes Fajardo, a Filipino employee in the Finance Dept of One and Only Reethi Rah, pls email and the full contents of the website will be emailed to you. To those parents who were guests in One and Only Reethi Rah Maldives between yr 2007 and 2008, you might be interested to see if the pictures include your babies. We should spread this information.For those who are not proponents of this immoral activity, may you do your part and not let this person evade her responsibility.

  4. Anonymous

    June 4, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    Yameen is the most corrupt bastard amongst all the Former Regime's top officials.Yameen has accumulated an incredible amount of wealth that most of us cannot even imagine is possible. I can assure you that he is richer (in cash) than Burumaa Qasim or Champa Afeef. He has wealth hidden away in Swiss bank accounts and in shares of various international companies.How did he obtain all this money? Very Simple. Here are the most important sources of his illegal wealth.1. Most of the money came from Maldives National Oil Company. When Yameen was incharge of STO and the Trade Ministry, he created MNOC to use as a vehicle to embezzle money through oil trading. As w know Maldives doesn't produce oil nor do we refine oil. However, MNOC was set up as a subsidiary company of STO which then obtained a huge amount of credit from the bank in the form of a revolving LC against a sovereign guarantee which was to be used to buy oil from Malaysia and other oil producing countries. On paper the LC was necessary to buy the oil for STO on credit.Basically, Yameen used the same tactic practised by Satoh and Ilyas to embezzle FPID in the export of fish. BY playing with the cost prices of MNOC Yameen made an incredible amount of millions on every litre of oil imported into Maldives.Not only that. A large amount of oil stock purchased by MNOC which were supposedly destined for Maldives were sold in the international market and kickbacks taken by Yameen. And in most cases the actual cost price and selling prices were manipulated to pocket the difference.The main person who helped Yameen carry out these activities is Muneez stationed in STO Singapore. I dare say, that a large amount of this money also went to Maumoon.So in short, Yameen made most of his money through illegal oil trading using a revolving LC of Maldives national Oil Company.Can anyone of you take calculator and work out some estimates using the total oil imported to this country through STO in the last 15 years? Just imagine how much the bastard would have made even if he took 10 cents a litre!!!!2. Yameen also made millions from Dhoneveli Beach Resort and Olhuveli Beach Resort. Both these resorts were bought by Jabir and Sun Travel Siyam with STO's money. The money needed to buy these resorts were given out from STO against dated US dollar cheques. The excusive was that the money was paid out to buy dollars for STO.Using the money Jabir and Siyam bought the islands and repaid the money after obtaining loans from the bank through mortgage of the very same resorts after buying them. Yameen thus became a share holder of both islands.Later Yameen convinced Jabir to sell Dhonveli and cashed in his shares. Likewise, it is said that Yameen sold his shares of Olhuveli to Siyam and cashed in his stock.3. Yameen also holds a large amount of shares in STO which he bought using STO money.4. Yameen also made millions from STO's Sri Lankan Tea Plantation deal.5. Yameen made millions from Fuel Supplies Company. As a hidden share holder he made a lot of money from this deal.6. Yameen made millions through his shares in the Cement manufacturing venture of STO where he again gave the capital for this subsidiary company from STO when in fact it was a supposed to be Lafarge who was to bring in the capital. Yameen remains a share holder.These are the main sources. So I would urge the Special Presidential Commission to investigate all these areas and bring Yameen to justice. All the evidence is well hidden by Yameen who is as we all know a very "smart crook"! But he is not as clever as he thinks and the evidences against him can be found quite easily. In today's world it is not too difficult to track his illegal wealth which we must bring back into the Maldivian Government's Treasury as soon as possible.P.s. Some details have been deliberately omitted as we do not want Yameen to know how much we actually know about his dealings!SincerelyA Yameen Investigator

  5. Roses 'n' Thorns

    June 3, 2009 at 10:39 am

    It is my opinion as a law student that the allegations of unconstitutionality by the DRP is simply a childish act of crying foul. I agree with what Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Afeef had to say last night.Having said that, I believe that Mr. Miqdad was a bit biased against the DRP stand, thus being somewhat unprofessional in his job as a host and moderator. He didn't hit the three other guests as much as he hit Mr. Alhan Fahmy. He even let a caller's comments that attacked Mr. Alhan personally go by without a reminder not to attack individuals. I think that put a bit of glitch on the integrity of the show. I think if he wanted to fry Mr. Alhan, he could have help a one on one instead.

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