A Roadside Interview!

12 Aug

Who will win the 8/18 Referendum?
The decision will rest with the Elections Commissioner. I am not aware that anyone is competing is this referendum. The collective wisdom of the people will win. Somebody will take credit for it.
Who will be the next President of Maldives?
If the majority vote parliamentary, it is most likely to be Anni or Maumoon. If the majoirty vote presidential; it can be you or me, or it can be anybody.
What will be the last minute strategies by the key supporters of the two forms of government?
Going by the past, one will use high handed tactics of influence, the other will use the fear factor and aggrevation tactics they are familiar with.
How do you think the 8/18 Referendum will benefit the people?
I think that it has no benefits for the people. This is a publicity stunt by the People’s Special Majlis; in preparation for the next parliamentry elections at the cost of the public. A lot of them have got sufficient popularity and build an image of themselves well ahead of their potential contestants. The people have nothing to gain. Economic prosperity for the public is not on the agenda of any of the leading political parties.
Are you against the 8/18 Referendum?
I will not vote. This is the first time in world history when legislation is actually going to be written after the people vote in a referendum. This is the first time in history that a people have been collectively fooled by its Parliament. We have not been told in absolute terms what we are voting for. MPs are saying on the media this will happen and this will not happen; without any legal mandate. And they are being endorsed by the State Media.
Isn’t it the way it was done in the developed countries?
All developed countries have Christianity as the major religion. Does that mean we have to convert to Christianity? And I am not quite sure that they had such "referendums" in their countries. Please look up the word in the Encarta.
Can we have a last comment?
This is all ridiculing a people. Imagine what would happen, if the people of the UK were asked to vote whether they wanted to be a part of the EU or not before the EU Constitution was drafted.
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