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Heartless Ego

How is it
That we have a heart
But are driven
By a heartless ego

Complete disregard
for the well being
of those around us

As if
We are the only ones
who matter at all
Where well being matters

Is a right
equal in proportion
to each of us

So that we may fly

caring . mindful . protective

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Avoid Deny Negate

Avoiding the truth
Denying the facts
Negating the reality
The path to ecstasy

The illusion we create
To appease our mind and heart
From the pain of the truth
And the facts that are so real

Can bring peace
To a mind burdened in pain
Unable to find the purpose
And the beauty of life and living

Dark on the inside
Bubbling on the outside
Makes the world a happy place
For the rest and the many

What we need though

Is peace of mind for the heart
So that life can be fulfilling
For the soul that gives life
To the heart mind and body

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Finding happiness

Acquaintances, coincidences
Sum total of both and our thoughts
Thereof, generate the elements
That determine and shape our future

Some thoughts make us feel good
Others make us feel bad or horrible
Either of these feelings make us think
Thoughts that are either positive or negative

It is those thoughts that make us happy

Or unhappy, depending on the choices
That we make out of many at our disposal
Thoughts that come from how we feel
About ourselves, over and above everything

Take a moment, to reshape your future

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Definition of Us

Adversity and opposition
Is what define us as a generation
Perhaps unknown to us
That we are what we despise

We are so knowledgeable
Of ethics and civility
And rights of all sorts
And the dignity of being human

We are so proper
So outstandingly good
On stage and on camera
Yet the opposite in person

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Fear is a Lie

Fear of Losing
Fear of Failure
Fear of Rejection

Not true
We know for a fact
That is not true but an idea
In the mind that hold us back

You cannot lose
Until you try, and
No one can lose trying

is an attitude
of mind, thrust upon
by people who are evil

Who want
to see you down
Suffering and in pain
Not able to go an inch

Is a situation
That we keep ourselves
In, when we can move out

The root of
All our suffering
Is fear of yourself

It is love
That conquers fear
Love of yourself above all
And spread the love to many

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Double Standards

Where to go
What to think
Where to seek answers

When rights
Is a business
Of people who know
Nothing about suffering

Of the ordinary people

When what was
An absolute right
Without qualifications
Need a thousand and one pages

For proving the wrong

In what
Is so wrong
Visible to any
With a naked eye

Yet made invisible
By the power of the
Wealth and clout that
Run the nation to its doom

Trying hard
To distinguish
Between “consent”
And sexual harassment

Cos it is
Harassment in one instance
And the same is with consent
And complicated to be judged

When power is at stake

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The Madness of Peace

I know
My thoughts
Are confusing
And nonsensical

But that
Is what thoughts
Ought to be like,
Without logic and sense

And then
There comes
The fear of
Judgement and ridicule

That is when
You have to censor
Your thoughts into words
That are sensible and acceptable

To those
Who will hear them
And tell you how beautiful
You mind and your thoughts are

Because they are
What they wanted
To hear and to feel
Since anything else

Would be madness

A madness
That will be
A chaos for all
Who love peace and serenity

Peace that
Makes no sense
To the poor but the mighty
For peace is gift for the beast

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Science of Wisdom

Clean tidy and neat
A feeling of happiness
And joy that resonates
In the mind and through

The depth of the Soul

A result of
A daunting detox
A reluctant effort
A mighty task despised

But imposed by the Master

Yet another example
Of how little we are
Aware of our destiny
Without the wisdom from

The old and the feeble folk

Their words
Taste bad and rotten
But their consequences
Are better than you thought

That is the Science of Wisdom

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I look
Forward to
these conversations
For moments of joy

Because happiness
Is knowing, that you are
Cherished and appreciated
Not for things but who you are

It is wonderful
To be loved and cherished
And a conversation of love
Is what makes the day blossom

Broken thoughts
Broken hearts and minds
Can mend with love and care
When they are genuine and warm

Mending the Broken Heart

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Time to pack up and go

When the time comes to leave
there comes a hesitation
Unfulfilled dreams and hopes
That have kept you going

For we have not
prepared ourselves
for this eventuality
in body mind and soul

That is the reason why
we must always be ready
to pack up with a Smile
when it comes to that eventuality

It is your ability to move on
that has given the momentum
to advancement and prosperity
that puts you in a better place

Some do not realize
when their time is up
that there is a better place
waiting to happen when you pack

Go go go my friend
just go and never turn back
for there is nothing like moving
to a dream bigger better and unknown


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