Caucuses: Disintegration or Consolidation?

27 Aug

New Maldives was the exciting story of a young group of Minister’s in President Gayoom’s cabinet who believed in the latent potential of the creative minds and the inherent nature of the people of our country to excel and reach new heights, and to find new solutions to the challenges facing the country. (Sorry, if the semantics is off-beat.)
The extraordinary story came to a climax with the resignation of Dr. Hassan Saeed and Uz. Jameel from the cabinet followed calculatedly on the 19th day following the resignations that rocked the nation. However there were no vibrations to follow; except ofcourse an epilogue in Dr. Shaheed’s calcualted resignation. Nineteen is a blessed way of starting things for some people!
Yet some would consider that the New Maldives is a silo created by the President to withstand the challenge to his leadership from the MDP. The other breakaway faction is yet another silo. Though not so evident, that there are other silos built around the old guard who call the real shots from behind the screen savers; some within the files and ranks of the central establishment.
In addition to the party silos, the President has also succeeded in forming a hypnotic coalition with less important opponents including the Adaalath who (on state television) called him a murderer and a dictator. This in itself is a silo created by the President to face the challenge to his leadership by the opposition MDP.
MDP had the opportunity to form a working relationship and build silos to defragment the leadership of the President, with these same parties and factions. Why was it not done? Why was it not possible? Was it a failure of leadership, tactic or strategy?
A nation – as a people, look for leadership. Leadership is a function that has wisdom and create confidence. Such leadership provide people with a beacon to follow. Who is the leader of our opposition? Is it the Chaiperson or the President? Will he take the helm should the silos of the President wither, or handover to someone else in waiting? Who is he?
I couldn’t help wondering whether the caucuses that we see in the DRP as a strategy of consolidation, against the more widely held perception of disintegration. As an independent observer of the politics around us, I couldn’t help wondering!
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