Resignation of Hassan and Jameel

06 Aug

The resignation of two strong heads in President Maumoon’s cabinet responsible for law and order  sent a shock wave through the corridors of the political maze. It was so sudden and so unexpected – to the average citizen; and most people for that matter. 
The fact that the resignations were a climax to the drama that followed the walk out by Jameel from Haveeru Debate, made it quite ironical. Then, Jameel was on stage to defend the new point-of-view of the President and Hassan was his best man at the event. Less than eighteen hours from the walk out, they shocked the country with a monstrous "outburst". They accused President Maumoon of having failed to deliver his reform agenda. They told the people that they were obstructed in carrying out duties of of their offices in the best interest of the nation. They claimed that they are champions of the people over personal interests of highly placed individuals.
The President accepted their resignations. That was after the "showdown press conference" given by the almost-to-be ex-ministers. The President’s Office issued a statement saying that the claims made by Hassan and Jameel were baseless. This evening in the news, the President was seen on TVM defending his position and clarifying his perspective on the reform process and its success to the public. 
Through all this, what struck me was how the media and the public in general, reacted to the events that were to unfold within a span of twenty four hours; which a few years ago would have taken a span of over twenty four months to complete. The cycle of change; how fast it has become!
I have read several blog posts and news articles both on the formal media and the informal media regarding the unfolding events. An eye-opener amongst all was how Lizzie (a non-Maldivian) had commented to a blog post about Jameel’s walk out. She had said: "I’ve been to anger management before, it’s no fun:( My older brother hit me in high school and i accidently put him in the hospital it was no fun:("

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2 responses to “Resignation of Hassan and Jameel

  1. Sofwath

    August 7, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    yeah; I agree. It’s really funny how things have turned out to be; on both sides. Its become more like a war; just waiting to happen. No matter what you say; be it good or bad.. it does not matter no more. Why? cos you are not ‘our group’. Thats the idea I get now. For the past few weeks I have been posting on facebook where there is a forum where the topic is which is the best system for us. To my surprise; hardly any one cares about the system. All they care is  to promote the system their  ‘group’ or party supports. Regardless of which is good for them and rest.  I have stood up for a presidential system; cos I feel that is the best. I have also stood up with MDP cos I feel they were right back then. Now I stand up against the choice by MDP to vote for a parliamentary system. Why? cos I don’t support or feel its the right thing for us; even its the people of MDP till late 2006 had the same stand. So when I say I am with the presidential system I am being labeled as ‘golhaa’. I don’t understand the mentality of these people. And it really got me frustrated and wonder how most Maldivians really think. They are too lost in this party thing its become a more like a cult movement rather then political. Truth and what is right does not matter; only the part matters. Sad.

  2. Mohamed

    August 6, 2007 at 10:08 pm

    Our champions are those who are the best at bullying and ridiculing others. They get popular, they become the national heroes, they win votes, they are the "in-thing". We have a really responsible way of blaming it all on Maumoon and God. However, I would like to be hopeful that one day, soon, we will have come to the threshold of civilization and dignified human values visible in Lizzie’s comment.  

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