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Women in My Life!

Mom … I never saw
Amaa … I never loved enough
Munnaa … I would always regret
Munnaatha … I cannot forget the care
Rahmaatha … gave me strength
Aisthu … a reason for many things
Eena … clarity in perspective
Lin … the love that never was
Karine … a wonderful memory
Zul … a good time
Almas … the jewel of my life
Thahey … peace of mind
Shina … a dream of hope
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Out on the Street

I sometimes wonder whether we really understand the reason for the enormous number of "stray children and youth" in our country. We talk about so many things, but it all boils down to one thing; and that is, a "liveable home".
Our children are bought up in literaly rat holes. Parents do not have time nor the energy to spare for their children. Children do not have the physical or emotional space to nurture their potentials. And yet our politicians say that we should believe that we are living in paradise, and that we have a bright future! That is those who have been in power all these days. And the others tell us that the turmoil they will create wil bring us paradise.
No one is able to tell us how they will do it. So our children finally find refuge on the streets, where they belong. Where life seems to be more enjoyable, and with those who have the time to spend with them. And they end up in "fun" – drugs, and all the other vices of society.
How can we change it? The politicians in this country don’t give a damn about our children. They will not! Act NOW. Do something for your child!
Don’t let others ruin your child’s future!
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The Decadence of a Nation

This evening I met with a group of friends from my old "Education Ministry days". And what a relief it was! They were all talking about one thing – the decadence of the Maldivian society. We consisted of those who were pro-opposition, a bit leaning to the government and none overwhelmingly pro-government.
The only thing that was evident from the gathering was the sheer frustration with the ineffectiveness of the government and the lack of its capacity to deliver on its promises and the sheer basic necessities of people, in a country which boasted of the highest GDP figures in the region. The frustration was not only with the goverment, but the total political spectrum including the opposition, which was not capable of delivering on its promises, nor in gaining the confidence of the public at large. The most outstanding issue was that of the loss of values and the losing of Islam and its principles from the Maldivian way of life.
On my way back to work from the gathering, I wondered about all what was said. I couldnt help but wonder how this government could even expect even a pinch of respect from a people who have been neglected of their dignity as human beings right from the beginning. We have never looked up; but have always looked down either by determination or by ignorance. And the hawks of this nation have built their fortunes on this attitude of servitude.
May Allah Bringforth His Wreath on All those who have wronged the people of this nation!
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How To be Effective!

We have great plans and fantastic dreams. We talk about them, we impress others with the wonderful possibilities. We get them to commit the resources they have hard earned, in order to realize our dreams, with a promise to share the profits and the returns. Those who have the resources fall in for the trap, they accept the invitation and commit.
I have seen this happen many a time during the recent past in my life. It is amazing how quickly the resources commited are utilized, and all used up. The promises are forgotten and the dream never realized. It is simply amazing how we can forget the events that led to the demise of all those great and wonderful hopes and dreams. Then, there is a set of excuses. A long list which will have a common bottom-line, "there was nothing I could do about it!"
The BIG question is, how to be effective in our dreams, our plans, and in what we do. It is how effective we are in executing the processes that lead to the milestones that lead to the realization of those dreams. Most of us seem to think that it is the money, the connections or the networks of influence, and the knowledge that makes the difference. But believe me, it’s not them.
It is our attitude, our belief, our commitment, our management of the processes, and how we govern the systems that determine those processes; towards the achievement of our dreams that make us effective. And for that we only need people at all levels, who have a hunger to achieve and reach the highest levels of drama and delight.
I am sorry if I did not make sense! That is my problem!
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Can Children Think!

This morning I was taking my daughter to school. On the way, we saw a poster by the Islamic Democratic Party calling for a protest rally at Male Artificial Beach on the 6th of April. I stopped by to take a look at the poster and we walked on. My daugher who was holding my hand told me, "Dad! All the fighting is because of parties, right? There wouldn’t be fighting if parties were not there, right? [her way of making every statement a question!]". She then went on to say that if there were no political parties then, we would all be "raajje meehun" [which means "countrymen"].
I told her, "Yes!". I think she is absolutely right. When I look at it from her perspective, yes! Everything was peaceful and nice. Suddenly, there were political parties and there is chaos, and she can feel the unrest all around her. She is just nine, and have not been deep into the complexities of social dynamics.
Then again, I wonder whether we would have been worse or better without political parties. Maybe, its the political parties who have saved us from the Cliff! I guess she will find out when she grows up. Whether the fighting is a result of political parties or whether it is for and due to other factors. We shall see! Insha Allah, if we live!
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How We Think! What We Think!

This morning I came across a friend of mine! He greeted me and said that he had seen a brochure we had recently made. He said that there was a spelling mistake in one of the words in the brochure. I told him that we had noticed it – unfortunately one week after it was printed and had left it like that. The spelling mistake was a trivial one, so much so that it does not actually make a difference to the casual reader. [You may find such spelling mistakes even in these paragraphs! My sincere apologies!]
What struck me was the way we think. How we think & what we think. How our brain works, and how are minds have evolved; as Maldivians. Most of us seem to be able to point with precision the tiniest of mistakes or shortcomings. We have a negative mindset, some people would say. This mindset has evolved over years, perhaps thousands of years.
My contention is, therefore we lack the capacity to see the beauty of positive thinking, possibility thinking, and are limited in our potention to accentuate the positive in ourselves and in others. We block creativity and innovation! The free mind has been robbed of us! We are limited in what we can think; and therefore limited in what we can do – more importantly unlimited possibilites. This sad state of affairs is here to stay, unless we do something to halt this evolution of our minds and to reverse it.
But can we! Do we know or are we even aware of what we are missing. Our midst is full of negative energy that gives rise to hatred, revenge, bullying, sadism and the like. We are so unfortunate that we cannot see the beauty in life.
A simple mind! A simple brochure! I can’t remember the beautiful conversation we had thereafter!
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When Good Things Happen

Today was a good day. I just arrived home and I am on top of the world! I called Hassan and spoke to him. We just finished one board meeting of a sister company. I wore the "black" badge which was a sign of the discomfort in me. It was a beautiful experience. Everybody asked me what was it that made me unhappy. And I could tell them. So I did not have to express my feelings with anger and frustration. I could explain to them what it was that made me unhappy. And they listened with empathy and understanding. It’s little things in life such as these that can bring about the kind of personality shift in us, that makes us more approachable and build long-term relationships with those around us.
A "black badge" is a signage embossed in a black piece of cloth or any black meterial such as a metal that could be easily pinned on to your dress code. It is a subtle way of telling your working colleagues that you are uncomfortable about something. When they ask you about it, the reaction is more positive and spontaneous than when you have to actually tell them things that upset you on your own initiative. It does make sense to me, but I don’t know whether it makes sense to you.
Good things start in our hearts and minds! When that happens you are able withstand the pressures of life! Thank God.
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An auditory mental block

Hey Guys! Tonight I experienced what I feel should be an auditory mental block. I had so much in my disturbed state of mind, but I could not join in a conversation or express myself. And I know it was a fight mode that was activated in my mind in response to a situation that was far fetched from my expectation.
I have always tried to refrain from expectations in order to have peace of mind and serinity. However, of late I have failed to keep the discipline and it has affected my emotional and psychological well being. And the situation has made me lose focus on my natural instict for joviality and joyfullness. And it has been almost impossible to pick up and return to the habit of peaceful existence. 
My destiny is my own making, I know. I preached the same to a group of friends and proved to them that humans are the previleged species who can conquer it all. That is my belief and my philosophy. Yet I have of late become a victim of the exact opposit of that philosophy. The question now is how do I get out of it?
How can I? Faith, perhaps?
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What I don't Have

It is funny. People around me have always looked up to me as a success … full of achievements. But when it comes to my inner self, I have always had this feeling that I am living a lie. Ever since, I lost my mom. Maybe, it happens to a lot of people. It happens, so what?
But then, without the love of a mother, you turn out to be a half baked egg. Don’t you? My mother was taken away from me at the mere age of one. I don’t remember anything of that. But I have ever since had this void in me. And its here to stay. Probably the reason why I cherish caring and love so much. But what does it mean? What does it really mean?
Does that mean I can never be content. That I cannot have the confidence to be me. That I would always have to put up a facade. And to pretend what I am not? I don’t know. But would someone tell me. I think no one can. No one will. It’s funny I am writing this on my blog. It really is. But then who ever will read this will be someone who will probably not make fun of me. But then, I have been made fun of, enough and more. And it is a part of me to accept that and be. It doesn’t matter anymore. Not really.
But why cannot I impress upon the people around me the sincerity and the genuineness of my thoughts, actions, and words. How different it would have been if I did not have this emptiness in me? How interesting!
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My Life My Destiny

Suddenly my life has become a mess. I am not able to sleep at night. I am not able to focus or concerntrate on anything. I am not able to judge depth and direction. Why this is happening I really dont know. It could be because of my frustrations with life and work. It could be because of the social injustice that I see all around me. And the way people in positions of responsibility let the systemic rotting of the opportunities, both at work and in the nation. And my fear of not being able to fight the "current" or contribute positively to corporate and national development in a positive and meaningful way.
It is incredible how we can not be bothered about how these events and developments will affect our lives and livelihoods. Yet most people seem to be preoccupied with making hay while the sun shines. But Alas! they cannot see further than the tip of their noses.
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