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Heartless Ego

How is it
That we have a heart
But are driven
By a heartless ego

Complete disregard
for the well being
of those around us

As if
We are the only ones
who matter at all
Where well being matters

Is a right
equal in proportion
to each of us

So that we may fly

caring . mindful . protective

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Why we need not fear death

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, we are in a time of absolute uncertainty. We have been slapped in the face with the reality, that our destiny is not in our hands. That nothing is in our hands. That we cannot be certain of what tomorrow holds. The truth is that we have to live one day at a time. We have to make the best of the moment we are in right now.

It is a reality that has been true ever since. But now it has hit us hard and woken us up to the truth – a reality check.

Today, as we keep counting the number of dead, everyday, I realized that it is not death that I am afraid of. It is a life not worth living. A life without means. A life that is worthless. Rather, one in which I will be worthless, or useless to the people around me. The people that matter.

We are valued on how useful we are to others. How much we can provide to others and what we can do for them. Absent of the aforementioned, we have no value. We are not worth being loved. We cannot be loved. What would be the purpose of loving a person without anything, any means, any use.

That is the stark reality that hit me today. In this time of uncertainty, one thing that struck as certain, is that a person who has nothing to offer is of no use, and will only be a burden to others.

Death perhaps, need not be feared so much. It is better than a life without means.

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Nothing about us without us

The “National Conference on Revitalizing Public Health: Working together for a Healthier Nation” – an event which will happen over the next three days in Paradise Island Resort. Perhaps, a sound public health system should lead to paradise style life.

1. I am not sure who the participants of this conference are. It was not mentioned in the news articles I had read.

2. Public health should definitely lead to healthy individuals who live in a happy place, without the need for sophisticated medical facilities.

3. I wondered if the recipients of the public health system were a part of the conference. I am referring to the elderly, victims of abuse, children and other recipients of abuse.

4. Mental health is a public health issue that is crippling this nation right now. And the principle “nothing about us without us” was introduced and mandated for 2030 SDGs by the CRPD.

5. I am not sure if those who funded and organized the conference are ignorant of the principle, or just didn’t care about it. They must have attended numerous conferences where the principle was in practice.

6. It is one thing to talk about principles of inclusivity and so on. Yet another to have it in the bottom of your heart and mind.

I believe that Shifaza from B. Goidhoo and other victims of the public health crisis should have been in the conference, and it should have revolved around them.

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Toxic work environments

We need to teach our children and young people how to survive toxic environments. It is one of the many skills that are needed for the money-based society that we have swiveled ourselves into in the Maldives.
Respect to human dignity, tolerance of those who are less fortunate, and values that promote inclusivity and kindness toward others seems to be alien to us in our ongoing rush toward the highs street.
A friend talking about toxic work environments said in a Viber group, “I once worked in a very toxic environment whereby it questioned me my worth and dignity. I was treated with such disrespect and was outcasted. I ended up with losing myself and my value in my eyes.”
Another stated, “I myself have worked in a couple of toxic work places. It’s more common to end up in a toxic work place in Maldives rather than a healthy one.
In civil service, people are trying to get ahead by stepping on others. People are just afraid of other people getting ahead if noticed. Even in private sector the toxicity is so habitual. Favoritism, lack of mentorship along with harsh criticism usually puts down a lot of people.
Toxic work environments do affect people physically and emotionally. But in Male’ most of us don’t have the privilege to quit and take some time off when we have reached our limits of tolerating such behaviors.”
“We don’t have a choice, for most of the people working in the toxic environments have no choice but to stay in the place. If they leave the job, it will be difficult to get another better than last. The problems have been increasing. And less support.”
These are young people talking. I sincerely hope that our leaders, policy makers, and influential people give this a serious thought. The consequences of toxic environments will get to them and cost them too.
No one will be spared.


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From my lived experience

It has been one of those days: reflecting and giving a thought to those suffering in silence, invisible to the world around us. It is a heart breaking experience. Especially for those who have taken the journey of anxiety and depression.

Nothing can teach a person about mental disability than lived experiences. Yet, they are hard to talk about. For good reasons.

Celebrating the mental health day is a difficult event to me, for personal reasons. Yet, it was made worse today, because I came to know of a close person who has suicidal thoughts. They have no way to find help. I know you will give me a list of service providers.

Imagine a hungry person who is almost starving, who does not have the strength or the will power to walk into one of those shining five star restaurants that dot the high street, cos you are worth nothing, don’t have a dime, don’t know how you will be treated or rather shunned out. Would you blame the person for starving?

My friend has a family who cannot comprehend what they are going through. The available help are bureaucracies with rules and regulations and high offices. They don’t reach out to you, they expect you to reach out to them, but you have no strength, because you are worthless.

I was lucky three years ago on this day, when I finally realized that I was not functioning, and sought professional help. I was lucky to have a loving family, friends and colleagues, who became an invisible cushion that I could fall down to. As I took the journey to recovery, I had an employer who was patient for over two years to bear with me.

I also had a family who loved me and cared for me unconditionally for what I am – Villijoali, a family and a home that I went back to every Friday. That was a great part of my healing process. That is why I believe that it is community that helps you to regain your well being.

My friend has none of the above, and they don’t know no better than to just shut themselves out. They are suffering quietly without help to reach out to. They need a helpline to anonymously find their way to peace and well being.

People with mental disability need help to let them find a way out of the pain. A witness cannot comprehend an ounce of the pain.

I am so upset that my friend is feeling so helpless on this mental health day. Because they are not in a house on fire. If they were we will all rush to help. And have resources and trained people to attend.

I pray that we find a way to build a community in which my friend can seek treatment without shutting themselves out.

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Mental Health Day thoughts

The country is celebrating Mental Health Day today. Walking, talking, running, posting, boasting, and what not. The person who is suicidal is there in the crowd and watching.

Given up on life, without any hope or meaningful purpose. The only hope for them is the deafeningly loud noise telling them that you are no good, useless, worthless, and constantly reminding of their failures and the ill fate awaiting the next moment, the next day, the next week, the next year, and so on.

The challenge is to act, better than the most renowned artist, to show the rest of humanity what a happy person you are, have been and will be. That life is beautiful inside and out. Knowing well what a lie it is.

It is funny that people around are so eager to help, but they want you to expose yourself first. Then they want to play the pity card.

Life goes on – it is just another day of wearing tshirts, walking, talking, posting, boasting and what not. All that needs to be done is a drop in center and a helpline in population centers.

But they will not do it. It will not be a photo op as grand as the above. Happy Mental Health Day to all suffering.


Personal Diary on Blog

I have written my 100th post on shihablive last night. It is kind of a coincidence that the post is on my thoughts of Anni, who is running in the MDP primaries for a possible presidential election under the "new" version of the current constitution of the Maldives. I am saying that it is a coincidence because I have always been critical of the tactics seen to be used by Anni; but grateful to him for the catalyst he was in bringing about reform to the government. I have not decided on who I am to support in the upcoming presidential election, if it would happen under the revised constitution. I am repeatedly saing "if it will" because we have a constituent assembly that have broken promises on multiple occassions and very apt at dragging their feet to create advantages for their party agendas.
In my opinion what Anni has proposed is what the people of this country need and what they want. This does not necessarily mean that I am jumping to a conclusion that he will deliver it. We have to analyze and see it. My point, is that while everyone of the presidential hopefuls are coming up with their own manifestos, I feel that Anni has proposed the people’s manifesto. It is up to the people to decide who they will entrust with that manifesto.
It would have been so much better, if MDP came up with a manifesto and then had its primaries to decide who can best deliver that manifesto. I am writing this as a personal dairy note because so many people are concerned that I have supported Anni. I don’t understand why!
I will continue to use MSN Space as a personal diary, so that my friends will have answers to the questions they want to ask of me.
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Mob Rule and the Fear Factor

Justice Jameel when he resigned this government said that he was leaving because there was no justice in this country. Shaheed said that he did not want to give himself up to the mob. Hassan Saeed said that it was impossible to go foward. Or something like that.
Today the Speaker of the Maldivian Parliament is in court for assault. Another MP appointed to Parliament by the President is in court for having spoken derogratory remarks at an opposition MP. [As if these were the firt time!]
I cannot help thinking how true the new Maldives ex-cabinet ministers were! This county is going to be in the hands of rogues and the mob in no time. Wow! Good Morning Democracy and the Rule of the Mob!  
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An interview with myself: A break from the mess!

What do you do?
I am a salesman. I serve our customers.
What do you sell?
I sell natural spring mineral water and coffee beans and pods for cappuccino and espresso.
Why are you a salesman?
I love to serve. That is my passion. I like to serve people. That is the joy of my life.
When do you feel at your best?
I feel at my best when I can be of assistance to someone and when I have the opportunity to serve.
Whats your favorite colour?
My favourite colour used to be  brown. I was in Ghaazee House in school. Now my favourite color is blue. It is the corporate colour of Damas.
Who is your best freind?
Why are you egocentric?
I think it is because I believe I can change the world.
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Daddy Can you give me 10$?

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