How We Think! What We Think!

04 Apr

This morning I came across a friend of mine! He greeted me and said that he had seen a brochure we had recently made. He said that there was a spelling mistake in one of the words in the brochure. I told him that we had noticed it – unfortunately one week after it was printed and had left it like that. The spelling mistake was a trivial one, so much so that it does not actually make a difference to the casual reader. [You may find such spelling mistakes even in these paragraphs! My sincere apologies!]
What struck me was the way we think. How we think & what we think. How our brain works, and how are minds have evolved; as Maldivians. Most of us seem to be able to point with precision the tiniest of mistakes or shortcomings. We have a negative mindset, some people would say. This mindset has evolved over years, perhaps thousands of years.
My contention is, therefore we lack the capacity to see the beauty of positive thinking, possibility thinking, and are limited in our potention to accentuate the positive in ourselves and in others. We block creativity and innovation! The free mind has been robbed of us! We are limited in what we can think; and therefore limited in what we can do – more importantly unlimited possibilites. This sad state of affairs is here to stay, unless we do something to halt this evolution of our minds and to reverse it.
But can we! Do we know or are we even aware of what we are missing. Our midst is full of negative energy that gives rise to hatred, revenge, bullying, sadism and the like. We are so unfortunate that we cannot see the beauty in life.
A simple mind! A simple brochure! I can’t remember the beautiful conversation we had thereafter!
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