When Good Things Happen

30 Sep

Today was a good day. I just arrived home and I am on top of the world! I called Hassan and spoke to him. We just finished one board meeting of a sister company. I wore the "black" badge which was a sign of the discomfort in me. It was a beautiful experience. Everybody asked me what was it that made me unhappy. And I could tell them. So I did not have to express my feelings with anger and frustration. I could explain to them what it was that made me unhappy. And they listened with empathy and understanding. It’s little things in life such as these that can bring about the kind of personality shift in us, that makes us more approachable and build long-term relationships with those around us.
A "black badge" is a signage embossed in a black piece of cloth or any black meterial such as a metal that could be easily pinned on to your dress code. It is a subtle way of telling your working colleagues that you are uncomfortable about something. When they ask you about it, the reaction is more positive and spontaneous than when you have to actually tell them things that upset you on your own initiative. It does make sense to me, but I don’t know whether it makes sense to you.
Good things start in our hearts and minds! When that happens you are able withstand the pressures of life! Thank God.
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