The Unwanted Expectations!

15 Apr

I will be turning fourty in a month’s time. One of the most important lessons that I have learnt in the fourty years of my life is NOT to expect anything at any time, in order to lead a happy life.
Expectations lead to conflict and results in frustration. Such frustration is harmful to our emotional and psychological well being. When we are emotionally and psycologically unfit we are also unable to perform and be sound socially in our relationships with others and our everyday life. In today’s world our effectiveness is a function of our social well being.
The present is actually a sum total of all factors leading to a particular point in time. Therefore, the natural reaction should be to accept it. Because we only produce negative energy when we are in conflict with nature. And the present is only natural. My argument is that we are not able to accept the present when we have expectations of it. Hence, our acceptance of the present can only be facilitated by the lack of expectations – from others and from ourselves.
Life actually becomes very beautiful when ours is void of expectations. Then what good and pleasant things that happen to us come as surprises and wonderful surprises. They then make our lives happy and worthwhile.
Let’s have fun void of fear and hatred … let’s give up expectations.
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