Fear of Losing

19 Jun


It is indeed a highly learning experience – the last few days; in fact weeks of my life! I wonder whether the learning has come too late. But as they say better late than never. [And maybe it has always been there. But never written down. And it helps to refresh anyway.]

When I had turned forty and there was a party I had promised myself and to those close to me that I shall be an "approachable" person.

However, a month and more from then, I am a very frustrated person who finds it difficult to be that approachable person I promised to be. The thought reminds me of a reading given to me once by my boss; it argued that if you allow frustration to build around you and be engulfed by it, you could end up in hospital or far worse in your graveyard. The bottom line was stupid people are a liability. However, it did not define stupid people; only talked about people of the likes of those who put correction fluid on a computer screen. There may also be other simple things like someone who has a habit of doing something annoying, such as keeping the mobile phone ringer on at the top of the volume even in meetings with important clients.

But then again, I believe we have to agree that what we are and where we are right now is a culmination of the sum total of our actions and inactions. This is a situation we should accept and not reject. Such rejection can only cause harm and more harm to us and the people around us. Hence, it is very important to accept the responsibility for the situation we are in; as we ourselves are the willing or unwilling architects of the scheme of things here and now.

Hence, the proposition here is that it is I who can change my well being and the lack of it. I am responsible for it. I should be accountable by not focusing my frustration of the situation on others or me; but by focusing on my actions which can change the way I am.

We are the master of our destiny! SHIHAB | Smile

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