An auditory mental block

28 Sep

Hey Guys! Tonight I experienced what I feel should be an auditory mental block. I had so much in my disturbed state of mind, but I could not join in a conversation or express myself. And I know it was a fight mode that was activated in my mind in response to a situation that was far fetched from my expectation.
I have always tried to refrain from expectations in order to have peace of mind and serinity. However, of late I have failed to keep the discipline and it has affected my emotional and psychological well being. And the situation has made me lose focus on my natural instict for joviality and joyfullness. And it has been almost impossible to pick up and return to the habit of peaceful existence. 
My destiny is my own making, I know. I preached the same to a group of friends and proved to them that humans are the previleged species who can conquer it all. That is my belief and my philosophy. Yet I have of late become a victim of the exact opposit of that philosophy. The question now is how do I get out of it?
How can I? Faith, perhaps?
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