My Life My Destiny

16 Sep

Suddenly my life has become a mess. I am not able to sleep at night. I am not able to focus or concerntrate on anything. I am not able to judge depth and direction. Why this is happening I really dont know. It could be because of my frustrations with life and work. It could be because of the social injustice that I see all around me. And the way people in positions of responsibility let the systemic rotting of the opportunities, both at work and in the nation. And my fear of not being able to fight the "current" or contribute positively to corporate and national development in a positive and meaningful way.
It is incredible how we can not be bothered about how these events and developments will affect our lives and livelihoods. Yet most people seem to be preoccupied with making hay while the sun shines. But Alas! they cannot see further than the tip of their noses.
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