Talking about dog walkers' dilemma!

11 Sep

 Quote from my brother:

dog walkers’ dilemma!
As I see Earth from a distance, I happen to notice humans being led by four-legged creatures. They would go wherever they are led by these animals, also known as dogs! On multiple occassions, I have also visualised them cleaning after their dogs’ excreta on the streets. I was mis-informed perhaps that humans have evolved to a level where they have secured for themselves a life style, immune and superior to all the other species found on planet Earth. Some even speculate that humans are perchance the leader of all species that ever existed in the universe. Although their multiple attempts to explore the nearby worlds have been expensive but not so rewarding experiences, they keep trying. What is more peculiar about these creatures is that, when they have declared for themselves as the best ever created or evolved for that matter, they haven’t found peace among themselves. Whenever I take a glance at Earth, I see pockets of glowing fire. I’m sure that it’s not the action on an alien, since they haven’t taken an interest on the Earth for the longest time. It had to be the work of humans themselves. I never understood that evolving into better beings also meant to turn violent against your own, probably the weaker amongst yourself! Is that how the humans are planning on becoming a superior species, by elimination of the weak link? Perhaps they really need to reconsider their plans of being the glorified-species. If they only knew how species on the other planets survived, they would think twice before attacking your own kin! Revisiting the title of this discussion, maybe they should consider similar love towards other human beings, that they show towards their dogs! True unconditional love!

A Friendly Alien

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