The Decadence of a Nation

07 Apr

This evening I met with a group of friends from my old "Education Ministry days". And what a relief it was! They were all talking about one thing – the decadence of the Maldivian society. We consisted of those who were pro-opposition, a bit leaning to the government and none overwhelmingly pro-government.
The only thing that was evident from the gathering was the sheer frustration with the ineffectiveness of the government and the lack of its capacity to deliver on its promises and the sheer basic necessities of people, in a country which boasted of the highest GDP figures in the region. The frustration was not only with the goverment, but the total political spectrum including the opposition, which was not capable of delivering on its promises, nor in gaining the confidence of the public at large. The most outstanding issue was that of the loss of values and the losing of Islam and its principles from the Maldivian way of life.
On my way back to work from the gathering, I wondered about all what was said. I couldnt help but wonder how this government could even expect even a pinch of respect from a people who have been neglected of their dignity as human beings right from the beginning. We have never looked up; but have always looked down either by determination or by ignorance. And the hawks of this nation have built their fortunes on this attitude of servitude.
May Allah Bringforth His Wreath on All those who have wronged the people of this nation!
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