Can Children Think!

05 Apr

This morning I was taking my daughter to school. On the way, we saw a poster by the Islamic Democratic Party calling for a protest rally at Male Artificial Beach on the 6th of April. I stopped by to take a look at the poster and we walked on. My daugher who was holding my hand told me, "Dad! All the fighting is because of parties, right? There wouldn’t be fighting if parties were not there, right? [her way of making every statement a question!]". She then went on to say that if there were no political parties then, we would all be "raajje meehun" [which means "countrymen"].
I told her, "Yes!". I think she is absolutely right. When I look at it from her perspective, yes! Everything was peaceful and nice. Suddenly, there were political parties and there is chaos, and she can feel the unrest all around her. She is just nine, and have not been deep into the complexities of social dynamics.
Then again, I wonder whether we would have been worse or better without political parties. Maybe, its the political parties who have saved us from the Cliff! I guess she will find out when she grows up. Whether the fighting is a result of political parties or whether it is for and due to other factors. We shall see! Insha Allah, if we live!
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