Live life like no other: lead a healthy lifestyle

18 Jul

At Damas we have started a special promotion of our natural spring mineral water Pro-Life. The promotion also includes the special triple sterilized natural spring mineral water Precious-Life; specially packed for babies and children. Both are available for wholesale at Damas General Store (tel: 333 6740) adjacent to Maldives Customs building. A special promtional price is offered upto September and free deliery services to anywhere in Male’ is given for regular customers of the natural spring mineral water.
One of the challenges faced by the sales and marketing team is that in Male’ "mineral water" is synonymous with bottled water. Bottled water (though it is quite safe for drinking – such as the mineralized (desalinated) bottled waters Aquarius, Kinley, Life, Thaazaa) is commonly referred to as mineral water, in Male’. Therefore, people do not differenciate between ordinary bottled water and natural spring mineral water. Natural spring mineral water is different in that, it does not undergo any chemical processes during preparation and bottling.
Our mineral water product range includes a refreshing natural spring mineral water and the triple sterilized special packing for babies and children. We also recommend Preciuos-Life for hospitals and clinics. A special cup-mineral water packing is available for schools and events.
It is important to note here that ours is a lifestlye product. Our mission is to promote healthy living for all: Water is essential for life. The human body is made up of about 75% water and our brain tissue consist of up to 85% water. However, fewer than one in four people drink the daily 1.8 liters recommended by doctors for good health. The body needs this because it looses about 1.5 liters a day through natural processes, such as urinating, breathing and sweating.
Live life like no other, lead a healthy lifestyle: insist on natural spring mineral water.
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