Out on the Street

08 Apr

I sometimes wonder whether we really understand the reason for the enormous number of "stray children and youth" in our country. We talk about so many things, but it all boils down to one thing; and that is, a "liveable home".
Our children are bought up in literaly rat holes. Parents do not have time nor the energy to spare for their children. Children do not have the physical or emotional space to nurture their potentials. And yet our politicians say that we should believe that we are living in paradise, and that we have a bright future! That is those who have been in power all these days. And the others tell us that the turmoil they will create wil bring us paradise.
No one is able to tell us how they will do it. So our children finally find refuge on the streets, where they belong. Where life seems to be more enjoyable, and with those who have the time to spend with them. And they end up in "fun" – drugs, and all the other vices of society.
How can we change it? The politicians in this country don’t give a damn about our children. They will not! Act NOW. Do something for your child!
Don’t let others ruin your child’s future!
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