An interview with myself: A break from the mess!

21 Aug

What do you do?
I am a salesman. I serve our customers.
What do you sell?
I sell natural spring mineral water and coffee beans and pods for cappuccino and espresso.
Why are you a salesman?
I love to serve. That is my passion. I like to serve people. That is the joy of my life.
When do you feel at your best?
I feel at my best when I can be of assistance to someone and when I have the opportunity to serve.
Whats your favorite colour?
My favourite colour used to be  brown. I was in Ghaazee House in school. Now my favourite color is blue. It is the corporate colour of Damas.
Who is your best freind?
Why are you egocentric?
I think it is because I believe I can change the world.
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