Toxic work environments

17 Oct

We need to teach our children and young people how to survive toxic environments. It is one of the many skills that are needed for the money-based society that we have swiveled ourselves into in the Maldives.
Respect to human dignity, tolerance of those who are less fortunate, and values that promote inclusivity and kindness toward others seems to be alien to us in our ongoing rush toward the highs street.
A friend talking about toxic work environments said in a Viber group, “I once worked in a very toxic environment whereby it questioned me my worth and dignity. I was treated with such disrespect and was outcasted. I ended up with losing myself and my value in my eyes.”
Another stated, “I myself have worked in a couple of toxic work places. It’s more common to end up in a toxic work place in Maldives rather than a healthy one.
In civil service, people are trying to get ahead by stepping on others. People are just afraid of other people getting ahead if noticed. Even in private sector the toxicity is so habitual. Favoritism, lack of mentorship along with harsh criticism usually puts down a lot of people.
Toxic work environments do affect people physically and emotionally. But in Male’ most of us don’t have the privilege to quit and take some time off when we have reached our limits of tolerating such behaviors.”
“We don’t have a choice, for most of the people working in the toxic environments have no choice but to stay in the place. If they leave the job, it will be difficult to get another better than last. The problems have been increasing. And less support.”
These are young people talking. I sincerely hope that our leaders, policy makers, and influential people give this a serious thought. The consequences of toxic environments will get to them and cost them too.
No one will be spared.


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