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27 Mar

I have written my 100th post on shihablive last night. It is kind of a coincidence that the post is on my thoughts of Anni, who is running in the MDP primaries for a possible presidential election under the "new" version of the current constitution of the Maldives. I am saying that it is a coincidence because I have always been critical of the tactics seen to be used by Anni; but grateful to him for the catalyst he was in bringing about reform to the government. I have not decided on who I am to support in the upcoming presidential election, if it would happen under the revised constitution. I am repeatedly saing "if it will" because we have a constituent assembly that have broken promises on multiple occassions and very apt at dragging their feet to create advantages for their party agendas.
In my opinion what Anni has proposed is what the people of this country need and what they want. This does not necessarily mean that I am jumping to a conclusion that he will deliver it. We have to analyze and see it. My point, is that while everyone of the presidential hopefuls are coming up with their own manifestos, I feel that Anni has proposed the people’s manifesto. It is up to the people to decide who they will entrust with that manifesto.
It would have been so much better, if MDP came up with a manifesto and then had its primaries to decide who can best deliver that manifesto. I am writing this as a personal dairy note because so many people are concerned that I have supported Anni. I don’t understand why!
I will continue to use MSN Space as a personal diary, so that my friends will have answers to the questions they want to ask of me.
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