How To be Effective!

06 Apr

We have great plans and fantastic dreams. We talk about them, we impress others with the wonderful possibilities. We get them to commit the resources they have hard earned, in order to realize our dreams, with a promise to share the profits and the returns. Those who have the resources fall in for the trap, they accept the invitation and commit.
I have seen this happen many a time during the recent past in my life. It is amazing how quickly the resources commited are utilized, and all used up. The promises are forgotten and the dream never realized. It is simply amazing how we can forget the events that led to the demise of all those great and wonderful hopes and dreams. Then, there is a set of excuses. A long list which will have a common bottom-line, "there was nothing I could do about it!"
The BIG question is, how to be effective in our dreams, our plans, and in what we do. It is how effective we are in executing the processes that lead to the milestones that lead to the realization of those dreams. Most of us seem to think that it is the money, the connections or the networks of influence, and the knowledge that makes the difference. But believe me, it’s not them.
It is our attitude, our belief, our commitment, our management of the processes, and how we govern the systems that determine those processes; towards the achievement of our dreams that make us effective. And for that we only need people at all levels, who have a hunger to achieve and reach the highest levels of drama and delight.
I am sorry if I did not make sense! That is my problem!
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