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Violent extremism in the schools of Maldives

Today I came across this amazing piece of writing, which – according to a friend, was circulating in Viber groups. The author is Mr. Ismail Shafeeu, who is said to have worked at all levels of the education sector over the past years and is currently pursuing his education further. (Kindly note below is a crude translation.)

“There are 2160 expatriate teachers who are teaching in the schools of Maldives this year – 2019. In the past years, we have had even more. Moreover, over 85% of doctors and nurses working in the Maldives are foreigners. And 90% of them are not Muslims.

The said expatriates live a peaceful life, with dignity and respect. If the schools in the country had a curriculum promoting religious extremism, would they have been able to live in peace?

As a person who have worked at all levels of the school system, I can confidently say that there is no part in the education provided in the schools that promotes hatred or violence against non-Muslims. The result is that (including myself) the most beloved of teachers of any Maldivian is either a Sri Lankan or and Indian. If schools promoted religious hatred this would not have been the case.

Therefore those who say that the schools in Maldives teach religious extremism are saying so without any basis. Such research is based on heresy, fabricated information, and lies produced by them. These will not be considered in distinguished academic discourse.

The great majority of those who have lost civility and good character are mostly those who have not completed the school system. They had not completed formal schooling up to grade 10 or 12 in a school. It is highly unlikely that a person who have completed and gone through a good education in their school days will have such extremist leniencies. This is sufficient to realize that the school curriculum in Maldives does not promote religious extremism.

Indeed. Allah has set limits in Islam to protect the fundamentals of the humanity, civilization, wealth and religious matters. Those who criticize religion do not want to be bound by those limits. It is evident from what they write. There agenda can only be achieved through the elimination of the Islamic curriculum in schools. Therefore they voice out against the basis of the curriculum which is the Quran the Ways of Prophet Muhammadh Rasool S.A.W. There can be no other reason.”

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Disaster Management Centre for Male'

Male’ is home to over one third of the population of the country and a great majority of over 78,000 expatriates who live and work in the Maldives.

This morning a shocking experience took the whole island by surprise. Male’ did not have any electricity right throughout the island for over an hour in the morning. This experience ran shockwaves through my mind.

I thought: what if we have such a situation in Male’ for 24 hours. Are we prepared? How prepared are we?

What would be the fate of the people in Male’ in such an eventuality where we may have a disruption to electricity supplies for more than 24 hours? I think that we need to establish a Disaster Management Centre for Male’ under the Male’ Municipality which should make the necessary preparations for such eventualities.


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Dhivehi Raajje….

… gotheh fotheh neiy insaanunge baaru gadha biruveri vilaagandegge dhashugai oiy 21 vana garunuge gaumu…!!!


Reality Sucks…


A friend of the boastful storyteller and he went to a resort to celebrate the new year. They were at the New Year Party where there were a number of Italian and Russian “chicks”. He said that his friend ordered the most expensive vodka and was later on the dance floor.

Apparently, there was this sixteen year old Russian girl who was the centre of attention on the floor. She was with her father, who was sitting a little far away. When someone chuckled, he said that the girl was full-grown and gorgeous enough; so it was ok though she is a minor.

He said that his friend was a freak. When he went onto the floor the girl came to him and started dancing with him. He had a cigarette in one hand so she couldn’t hold both his hands. Finally, she got “pissed off” and went, according the storyteller.

The most shocking part of it is what the storyteller said next: “I told my friend why he didnt just start kissing her and take her to the beach. It would have been ok even with the father. After all, it is the new year!”

I guess Dr. Majeed was right in stopping the DJs in Male’ for simple minds who saw the joy of abuse in celebrating the New Year.


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Maldives Live Media goes into Hybernation…

The local media in Maldives seem to have gone into hybernation for live event coverage since November 11, 2008. Events are reported when the standard edition is published. The reporters and anchors seem to have become retired from the job of live event coverage.

The frenzy for live coverage and frantic reporting of events have become a thing of the past like many other things such as the aspirations and inspirations of the media for democracy and good governance.

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To THINK: A sin in democracy …the Maldivian Style

This afternoon I sat for a cup of coffee at a table in a coffee house. An acquaintance who walked up to the table and made his input to the ongoing discussion around the table about the upcoming elections. He said to be aware of this guy Shihab, that he and the guy sitting next to him were both golhaas. Such suspicion was not new to me. I was “warned” the same the other day in another cafe frequently visited by supporters of “Vathan Edheygotha” (Pulse of the Nation). This was also not the first time – it has been an experience that I go through often.

This evening I was also with a different group of people I knew well, and one of them pointed out to the rest that I am an MDP sympathiser. That I am going around advocating for “Pulse of the Nation”. This was also not the first time. Quite a few other people who (thought they) knew me also told me how taken up by Anni I am.

It is funny, how this labelling must go on! It is sad that independent minds cannot be tolerated in this country. As one person pointed out, you have to be either black or white – because the mental attitude of the common man is “you are either with us or against us”.

Heh he… Smile


Maldives too busy to take note of Financial Crisis 2008

IMF Reports that:

The world is going through the most dangerous financial crisis since the 1930s.

Coordinated global action is starting to reverse the tide of the financial crisis, but governments also need to “deploy all instruments” to limit damage to the real economy, IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn told world financial leaders meeting in Washington.

IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn also said that developing countries, “face reduced export demand and reduced access to trade credit.”

Read more here

The Maldives with the highest per capita income in the region, and highly vulnerable by the impact on its “export demand” through tourism and fisheries, and almost negligible trade credit, does not seem to be able to take note of the approaching “tsunami” – if you will.

What are we doing about it? How do we bring this to the attention of the nation’s leaders, who just appointed a Governor to the MMA who does not have any fiscal or monetary policy experience?


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A Real Bad Habit…!

I was on my was past Aminiya School, Chaandhanee Magu tonight, after a dinner with a visiting diplomat. I was smoking a cigarette as I walked past. At that moment, a young man walked up to me and quite politely asked, “can I have a light”.

I looked at the young man and offered him the cigarette in my hand. He took it and I stopped, for him to take out his cigarette and light it. The young man did not stop, but just walked on and puffed on the cigarette and did not turn back, and walked on.

It was a shocking moment of truth. Truth, about life in Male’ and its unique culture.


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The New Coalition for the Upcoming Election Season!

DRP Second Congress came to a close on Saturday. The congress reaffirmed its leader President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom as the party candidate for the promised presidential election under the consitution that has been adopted by the Special Majlis put together to amend the country’s constitution.

A possible powersharing arrangement under a coalition could very well give DRP the guarantee of a landslide victory for its candidate in the presidential elections. DRP may very well form a coalition against the divided opposition to Maumoon’s continuation in Office.

This possible coalition will give a credible advantage to the Party (DRP) against the opposition which consists of the MDP, Adaalath, SLP and Hassan Saeed in addition to the marginal IDP and the smaller parties. The coalition is likely to consist of three parties led by DRP.

The powersharing arrangement may very well be that the Vice Presidential portfolio can be given to the leader of the first party, with special responsibility to the Homeland Committee of the cabinet consisting of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Atolls Development and Ministry of Justice; a very strong Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Trade who will head the Economic Committee of the cabinet consisting of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Develoment and Trade, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Fisheries. The President would retain direct control of the Minister of Defense and National Security, the Attorney General and the junior ministries.

Such a powersharing coalition arrangement is quite possible, where the Opposition Alliance consisting MDP, Adaalath, IDP, SLP and Hassan Saeed camp failed to offer a credible opposition to Maumoon’s government consisting of DRP members.

It will be interesting to see how it unfolds in the next few weeks in the run up to the presidential elections – whether under the current version or the amended version of the constitution.

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Democracy: To bark at or with the Chosen Ones!

However much the President may want to do it, it is becoming clear that the ratification of the constitution adopted (with coercion and with amendments that actually did not go through the constituent assembly) by the die hard members of the Maldives Constituent Assembly (2005 – 2008) may not be ratified for a long time. The President said to his people that the process of ratification will be very efficient indeed. He also signalled to the World that the finale could have been as early as last week. But then, how does one ratify a consitution than can very well prove to be unconstitutional. That is definitely a legacy that a President would not want to have. This President has too much on his hands.

The whole process of coming up with a constitution was flawed by personal bickering and power mongering. The constitution was not made for the people but some. The focus was on persons rather than the people. On a large part, it was whether it was going to give a favorable platform to the opposition MDP or to the Maumoon’s ruling DRP. Then the factions came and developed into political parties themselves. Not that they had a mandate by the people; they just hijacked the people’s wish for a change into their political capital to realize their personalized political agendas.

Democracy should have brought peace and prosperity to this country. But that the democracy that came also brought along with it multiple parties who were centred around cult figures rather than political philosophies. This meant that the people were called to bark at or with the chosen ones! What a shame! We finally have a shameful decomcracy that does not stand on democratic values but archaic tribal behavior! What a shame!

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