The New Coalition for the Upcoming Election Season!

14 Jul

DRP Second Congress came to a close on Saturday. The congress reaffirmed its leader President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom as the party candidate for the promised presidential election under the consitution that has been adopted by the Special Majlis put together to amend the country’s constitution.

A possible powersharing arrangement under a coalition could very well give DRP the guarantee of a landslide victory for its candidate in the presidential elections. DRP may very well form a coalition against the divided opposition to Maumoon’s continuation in Office.

This possible coalition will give a credible advantage to the Party (DRP) against the opposition which consists of the MDP, Adaalath, SLP and Hassan Saeed in addition to the marginal IDP and the smaller parties. The coalition is likely to consist of three parties led by DRP.

The powersharing arrangement may very well be that the Vice Presidential portfolio can be given to the leader of the first party, with special responsibility to the Homeland Committee of the cabinet consisting of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Atolls Development and Ministry of Justice; a very strong Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Trade who will head the Economic Committee of the cabinet consisting of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Develoment and Trade, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Fisheries. The President would retain direct control of the Minister of Defense and National Security, the Attorney General and the junior ministries.

Such a powersharing coalition arrangement is quite possible, where the Opposition Alliance consisting MDP, Adaalath, IDP, SLP and Hassan Saeed camp failed to offer a credible opposition to Maumoon’s government consisting of DRP members.

It will be interesting to see how it unfolds in the next few weeks in the run up to the presidential elections – whether under the current version or the amended version of the constitution.

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