Plight of those living in Villi-Male'

23 Mar

This morning I took the 3.15am ferry to Villingili, eight minutes from the mainland of Male’. Villi-Male’ as it is popularly known is claimed by the government to be the fifth ward of Male’.

While getting on the ferry I came across a friend who had just come from Colombo with his family, and I helped him to load the luggage to the ferry. And at the Villingili end also helped him to unload the luggage from the ferry. When MTCC started the ferry services, this was voluntarily done by the crew and ferry officers who were on duty. However, as time went by this has become a burden to them and has been given up.

When on Villingili, we checked for an available vehicle (taxi vans) of the three that are allowed to operate on the island. Yet, there was none. And a couple of others and my friend had to drag their luggage all the way to their homes. I could not help wondering the fate of the second class citizens who live on the outskirts of the capital Male’. Ofcourse, we live on Villingili by choice, and it is up to us to face the hardships and the misery associated with it.

We must remind ourselves of how Villi-Male’ was fifteen years ago; and there will be more than enough consolation to any heavy heart. Thank God and thanks to the State!


One response to “Plight of those living in Villi-Male'

  1. subcorpus

    March 23, 2008 at 10:51 am

    i’ve seen MTCC staff helping people load their luggage and stuff to the ferries a lot …i saw them doing it last night at 1000 hrs …i dunno if the service they provide is commendable or compelete … but they do try to help out …no … they have not given up on us …

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