Fear of the People: the Psyche of Maldivian Politicians!

14 Apr

The struggle to impose a restriction for Maumoon to stand for Office of the President of the Maldives, was borne of a fear that the majority of the people are “ignorant” and do not have the ability to decide what is right for them. A number of our politicians like to preach to the people about how they should think, and what they should think. One of the fascinating things about our politicians I have noticed is that until recently they never talked about issues and policies. They seldom talked about governance. But more to preach to the people!

Now, the Special Majlis or the “House of the People charged with drawing up a revised new Constitution” have again decided for a transitional arrangement. They were never asked to create a transitional arrangement for the country but to come up with a revised new constitution for people that changed the way the President was elected, ensured that tyranny would not be possible through separation of powers, and that one person should not keep the Office of the President for more than two terms. Those were the basics.

When they wanted to change the form of government (rather, to delay it) they asked the people through a very expensive referendum (which it was not). But now, when they want to hand over the government to a non-legal entity, whether it be the outgoing government of Maumoon or an interim committee, they decide it on their own. They don’t need to ask people!

Very interestingly, the proposal by MP for Meemu Atoll Hon. Aneesa Ahmed also suggests that Appointees of the President should also remain in the “interim parliament” of sorts. I am shocked at how a representative of the people can have so much fear of the people! But ofcourse she must have much sense in her for her to have a following of the majority of the representatives of the people.

Yet, what these MPs should understand is that the people will decide! The People will fail those who fail them! You are quite right to fear the people if you fail to serve the interests of the people.

I am no judge of what the people desire. These are just my feelings.

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