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I had a dream
A beautiful dream
Made in Heaven
Wrapped with a Smile

Warm and colorful
Radiating with joy
Passionate and irresistible
Topped with sincerity

I failed to notice
The hallucination
The fabricated truth
Of a desirous mind

Woken up
From a deep sleep
I Smile and cherish
The beauty of a Lie

A mind at peace
With the harsh reality
That life is never to be
A fortune of trust

It is the beauty
Of the sacred dream
I shall cherish
Of the fabricated truth

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Understanding the Madness

Like a Holiness
Of a Loneliness
A Shrine of Happiness
In a world of Nothingness

Little is wanted
Much is desired
More is expected
But was not destined

But unexpected
Wanted yet unwanted
Yet not a Worldly Affair

The Truth
Where in the World
Will it ever be accepted?
Where Lies are more glorious

Two after Twenty
Nine after Twenty
Are the numbers of Bounty
Of a conscience full of Beauty

A truth
Wrapped in a patch of Darkness
Is where Happiness dwell
With a light unseen by Any

Is where the Truth lives
And Shall live forever and Ever
And that is the Essence
Of the Madness Misunderstood

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