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Illusion of Hope for Peace

The Coffee
With a touch of warmth
Understanding and care
In the mornings

With a touch of beauty
Supportive and dependable
In matters of the mind

Valuable time
With a touch of friendship
Mutual and promising
In a way so beautiful

Falling Apart
A miscommunication
Misinterpreted and wrong
In a hurtful way

This feeling
Void of communication
Is such an emptiness
Of crazy madness

A loneliness
Wanting to end the imagination
With a heart2heart chat
Of a communication misinterpreted

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Understanding the Madness

Like a Holiness
Of a Loneliness
A Shrine of Happiness
In a world of Nothingness

Little is wanted
Much is desired
More is expected
But was not destined

But unexpected
Wanted yet unwanted
Yet not a Worldly Affair

The Truth
Where in the World
Will it ever be accepted?
Where Lies are more glorious

Two after Twenty
Nine after Twenty
Are the numbers of Bounty
Of a conscience full of Beauty

A truth
Wrapped in a patch of Darkness
Is where Happiness dwell
With a light unseen by Any

Is where the Truth lives
And Shall live forever and Ever
And that is the Essence
Of the Madness Misunderstood

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Happiness of Loss

Happy I am
For the Loneliness
In the Darkness
Void of Happiness

It is a Crime
to find Madness
in the Craziness
of what is Lost

Learnt the Art
played the Part
with a mind Smart
of a wounded Heart

There will never be
a drama of Joy
of the Joyful Smiles
That could have Been

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