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Tourism Day

The table decoration at the Maldives National Tourism Day event at Dharubaaruge
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I have been reminded by WordPress that yesterday was 12 years since I joined WordPress and started blogging. What a journey it has been. It is good to be reminded of the anniversary.

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Heartless Ego

How is it
That we have a heart
But are driven
By a heartless ego

Complete disregard
for the well being
of those around us

As if
We are the only ones
who matter at all
Where well being matters

Is a right
equal in proportion
to each of us

So that we may fly

caring . mindful . protective

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Child Rights Symposium

Child delegates presenting the highlights

Today, I participated in the Child Rights Symposium organized by the Children’s Ombudsperson. It is a two day event. Papers were presented today by the Attorney General’s Office, Child and Family Protection Service, the Ministry of Education, Maldives Police Service, and the Ministry of Health.

At the end of the day the child delegates at the Symposium presented the highlights of the presentations along with their concerns and recommendations. That actually was the biggest highlight of the day.

the food kiosk in front of the Symposium Venue

The Child Rights Symposium is being held at the Crossroads Maldives, Event Hall.

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Elliptical Trainer

A welcome and now permanent visitor in the living room. A constant reminder that nothing is possible by the mere presence of a thing.

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How do you want to be treated?

We have all being through rough patches in life. Or have we? 

It is being human to often generalize our feelings and experiences as the norm and believe that the expectations and feelings of others are also similar in fashion to our own. This is the reason why we have a virtue to treat others in the manner and fashion that we would want us to be treated. This is not true for this day and age.

We should treat others not in the way that we would want us to be treated, but in a manner and fashion that they would want to be treated. Therefore it is important for us to first take a moment to listen, to understand and to find out about the one we want to do something for.

This is perhaps what has changed. The mindset shift that is required in order to build community today.

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Another effing day

Some days
Are meant to be
Painful, yet pleasant
For you did your best

In the end
The buck stopped
Right on your big toe
The one that hurt most

Expectations unlimited
In scope and in sizes large
No body really fucking cares

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Avoid Deny Negate

Avoiding the truth
Denying the facts
Negating the reality
The path to ecstasy

The illusion we create
To appease our mind and heart
From the pain of the truth
And the facts that are so real

Can bring peace
To a mind burdened in pain
Unable to find the purpose
And the beauty of life and living

Dark on the inside
Bubbling on the outside
Makes the world a happy place
For the rest and the many

What we need though

Is peace of mind for the heart
So that life can be fulfilling
For the soul that gives life
To the heart mind and body

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Fifty Awesome People

(This post was originally written on May 12, 2016. It was left in the drafts and found today as I went through the drafts to delete them.)

These are the most important people in my life, as I turn 50 years old. A journey that has been awesome with the Blessing of Allah.

  1. Mamma
  2. Munnaa
  3. Amaa
  4. Bondo bappaa
  5. Bappa
  6. Munnaatha
  7. Kokko (Hykal)
  8. Rahmaatha
  9. Anwar
  10. Aisthu
  11. Ahmed
  12. Almas
  13. Ameem
  14. Ainee
  15. Ziru
  16. Amee
  17. Hassanbeybe
  18. Mandhatha
  19. Aisha (Mohamed Didi)
  20. Navaratne
  21. Midhath
  22. Beybe
  23. Zahir Hussain
  24. Alibe (Naifaru)
  25. Mohamed Salih
  26. Abdulla Salih
  27. Mariyandhaitha
  28. Mohamed Fulhube
  29. Muhammadhu
  30. Jaufaru
  31. Ismaalu
  32. Ismaalu mamma
  33. Thiththa (Baiiyge)
  34. Thahey
  35. Khadhee
  36. Aisthu Bappa
  37. Aisthu Mamma
  38. Solah
  39. Mumajjadhu
  40. Dhaththa
  41. Shameema
  42. Mukthaaraatha
  43. Amjad
  44. Aisaatha
  45. Nish
  46. Fathun
  47. Aiminath
  48. Nazee
  49. Arushadh
  50. Student from Majeediyya 6S
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Finding happiness

Acquaintances, coincidences
Sum total of both and our thoughts
Thereof, generate the elements
That determine and shape our future

Some thoughts make us feel good
Others make us feel bad or horrible
Either of these feelings make us think
Thoughts that are either positive or negative

It is those thoughts that make us happy

Or unhappy, depending on the choices
That we make out of many at our disposal
Thoughts that come from how we feel
About ourselves, over and above everything

Take a moment, to reshape your future

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