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Another effing day

Some days
Are meant to be
Painful, yet pleasant
For you did your best

In the end
The buck stopped
Right on your big toe
The one that hurt most

Expectations unlimited
In scope and in sizes large
No body really fucking cares

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Avoid Deny Negate

Avoiding the truth
Denying the facts
Negating the reality
The path to ecstasy

The illusion we create
To appease our mind and heart
From the pain of the truth
And the facts that are so real

Can bring peace
To a mind burdened in pain
Unable to find the purpose
And the beauty of life and living

Dark on the inside
Bubbling on the outside
Makes the world a happy place
For the rest and the many

What we need though

Is peace of mind for the heart
So that life can be fulfilling
For the soul that gives life
To the heart mind and body

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Fifty Awesome People

(This post was originally written on May 12, 2016. It was left in the drafts and found today as I went through the drafts to delete them.)

These are the most important people in my life, as I turn 50 years old. A journey that has been awesome with the Blessing of Allah.

  1. Mamma
  2. Munnaa
  3. Amaa
  4. Bondo bappaa
  5. Bappa
  6. Munnaatha
  7. Kokko (Hykal)
  8. Rahmaatha
  9. Anwar
  10. Aisthu
  11. Ahmed
  12. Almas
  13. Ameem
  14. Ainee
  15. Ziru
  16. Amee
  17. Hassanbeybe
  18. Mandhatha
  19. Aisha (Mohamed Didi)
  20. Navaratne
  21. Midhath
  22. Beybe
  23. Zahir Hussain
  24. Alibe (Naifaru)
  25. Mohamed Salih
  26. Abdulla Salih
  27. Mariyandhaitha
  28. Mohamed Fulhube
  29. Muhammadhu
  30. Jaufaru
  31. Ismaalu
  32. Ismaalu mamma
  33. Thiththa (Baiiyge)
  34. Thahey
  35. Khadhee
  36. Aisthu Bappa
  37. Aisthu Mamma
  38. Solah
  39. Mumajjadhu
  40. Dhaththa
  41. Shameema
  42. Mukthaaraatha
  43. Amjad
  44. Aisaatha
  45. Nish
  46. Fathun
  47. Aiminath
  48. Nazee
  49. Arushadh
  50. Student from Majeediyya 6S
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Finding happiness

Acquaintances, coincidences
Sum total of both and our thoughts
Thereof, generate the elements
That determine and shape our future

Some thoughts make us feel good
Others make us feel bad or horrible
Either of these feelings make us think
Thoughts that are either positive or negative

It is those thoughts that make us happy

Or unhappy, depending on the choices
That we make out of many at our disposal
Thoughts that come from how we feel
About ourselves, over and above everything

Take a moment, to reshape your future

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Definition of Us

Adversity and opposition
Is what define us as a generation
Perhaps unknown to us
That we are what we despise

We are so knowledgeable
Of ethics and civility
And rights of all sorts
And the dignity of being human

We are so proper
So outstandingly good
On stage and on camera
Yet the opposite in person

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Back after a long time

It has been a long time since I have blogged. Party due to most of my ranting being on Facebook and Twitter. Partly due to the break I took after struggling with my writers’ block and the anxiety thereof.

However, I feel that the feel that the experiences that I am currently going through need to be documented and kept since these are very useful learning experiences.

Look forward to being here more often and to share my experiences, thoughts and outbursts.

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Why we need not fear death

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, we are in a time of absolute uncertainty. We have been slapped in the face with the reality, that our destiny is not in our hands. That nothing is in our hands. That we cannot be certain of what tomorrow holds. The truth is that we have to live one day at a time. We have to make the best of the moment we are in right now.

It is a reality that has been true ever since. But now it has hit us hard and woken us up to the truth – a reality check.

Today, as we keep counting the number of dead, everyday, I realized that it is not death that I am afraid of. It is a life not worth living. A life without means. A life that is worthless. Rather, one in which I will be worthless, or useless to the people around me. The people that matter.

We are valued on how useful we are to others. How much we can provide to others and what we can do for them. Absent of the aforementioned, we have no value. We are not worth being loved. We cannot be loved. What would be the purpose of loving a person without anything, any means, any use.

That is the stark reality that hit me today. In this time of uncertainty, one thing that struck as certain, is that a person who has nothing to offer is of no use, and will only be a burden to others.

Death perhaps, need not be feared so much. It is better than a life without means.

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Happy Women’s Day – make a woman feel good

It is yet another Women’s Day. And I am sure the celebrations are going on everywhere. I don’t find “celebration” the right word for the occasion, because women are the most abused, marginalized, victimized – for nothing else, but just being a person of the female gender.

Today, I wished the colleagues on VARU by Atmosphere, a happy women’s day and asked them what their wish was today. Half of those I questioned struggled to find the right answer or said, “nothing”. A male colleague who was present when one answered in that way said, “that is being a woman”.

Many had wishes which were close to their heart – filled with warmth, love, care, happiness and joy, etc. They wished to be with their families and loved ones and be happy. It clearly made sense with what I had written to my colleagues on this day –

As we celebrate this special day in honor of women – aunts, colleagues, daughters, grandmothers, mothers, nieces, sisters, wives, and others – we must remember: it is not about things, it is about a smile, love, warmth, feeling good, a hug, a touch, a shoulder to rest upon, and just being there without passing judgement.

I had a very different answer from one of the colleagues, “I wish I did not have to give up my father’s name when I got married, and also that I was eligible to get a share of my father’s wealth and keep his name. And feel equal.” I also asked her, where do you see yourself 10 years from now. Her answer was spot on, “In my country. Running my own business. Perhaps a hospitality training school.”.

I could not help wondering how beautiful this day would be if we had more thinking women who were empowered like her. Not subservient to a society who loathed control over women. Then close to the afternoon came a very sweet yet powerful wish.

“I wish – for men to pledge to stop their mean behaviors towards women.” And she went on to explain that it included the many women who were made to suffer in silence.

Take a moment to make a woman feel good, for no reason, but just being herself. It is best to do it in person – from near or far. It could be your grandmother, mother, daughter, wife, sister, aunt, niece, or a female colleague.

All you need is to express and share the warmth in your heart.


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Fear is a Lie

Fear of Losing
Fear of Failure
Fear of Rejection

Not true
We know for a fact
That is not true but an idea
In the mind that hold us back

You cannot lose
Until you try, and
No one can lose trying

is an attitude
of mind, thrust upon
by people who are evil

Who want
to see you down
Suffering and in pain
Not able to go an inch

Is a situation
That we keep ourselves
In, when we can move out

The root of
All our suffering
Is fear of yourself

It is love
That conquers fear
Love of yourself above all
And spread the love to many

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Double Standards

Where to go
What to think
Where to seek answers

When rights
Is a business
Of people who know
Nothing about suffering

Of the ordinary people

When what was
An absolute right
Without qualifications
Need a thousand and one pages

For proving the wrong

In what
Is so wrong
Visible to any
With a naked eye

Yet made invisible
By the power of the
Wealth and clout that
Run the nation to its doom

Trying hard
To distinguish
Between “consent”
And sexual harassment

Cos it is
Harassment in one instance
And the same is with consent
And complicated to be judged

When power is at stake

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