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Mohamed Shihab

Mohamed Shihab was born 17th May 1966 in Addu (Seenu) atoll, Hithadhoo island. His father is Ali Shihab, Sterling, Seenu Hithadhoo. His mother is Aminath Didi. Ali Shihab and Aminath Didi had two sons. They are Ibrahim Shihab and Mohamed Shihab. Aminath Didi passed away when Mohamed Shihab was about 1 ½ years old.

When Shihab’s mother passed away, the two brothers were looked after by their paternal uncle (Mohamed Didi) and maternal aunt (Kaiydhaadhee). Shihab and his brother called them “bondo bappaa” and “amaa”. The two were brought to Male’ before Shihab turned 10 years old to go on to India for schooling. However, they could not go as the government did not allow students to go to India at the time as an emergency state was declared in India. So the brothers were put up in Male’ for studies.

First, the Shihabs stayed at G. Greenlin. Later Mohamed Shihab was put up in the home of the Late Mandhu Abdulla Waheed and his wife Rahma Ahmed – M. Baansaage, which became his home. Mohamed Shihab went to study at the English Preparatory and Secondary School (EPSS) first. He was admitted to Majeediyya School in 1979. He sat for the London GCE Ordinary Level Examinations in January 1984. After this, he started his employment in Baa Atoll Education Center as a headmaster trainee with the then headmaster of the school Mr. Ahmed Anwar.

Mohamed Shihab underwent education and training under the Headmaster Training Program in 1985 and 1986. He did his Certificate of Education at the Language Institute (Institut Bahasa) in KL, a Community and Extension Education Course at the Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, and a School Management Course at the Ministry of Education Staff Training Institute (MESTI). Shihab started his career as the headmaster at Lhaviyani Atoll Education Center in 1987, after the completion of the program. He joined Majeediyya School as assistant principal after six years, and spent one year there. After that he joined the Ministry of Education.

On 2nd August 1988, Mohamed Shihab and Aishath Mohamed of Saahil, Lhaviyani Hinnavaru were joined in matrimony. Their son Ahmed Mohamed Shihab was born at 5.20pm on 19th October 1989 at Chichandaage, Lhaviyani Hinnavaru. Mariyam Almas Shihab was born at 7.10pm on 8th October 1997 at Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Male’.

Shihab joined the Ministry of Education as the Primary Schools Supervisor of the ministry. At the time, he worked under the later Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education Dr. Ahmed Ali Didi. He attended an International Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration course at the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) in Delhi in 1994. On completion of the program he continued at an assistant director and later as a deputy director at the Ministry of Education. During these years he worked under the later rector of Villa College Dr. Ahmed Anwar.

Mohamed Shihab joined Damas Company Pvt Ltd on 16th August 2001. He held the positions of Human Resource Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, and Director Corporate Affairs of the company. He was also the Chief Operating Officer of Damas. He currently works for the company without a title.


2 responses to “About Shihab

  1. Chandrakanth

    March 20, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Dear Mr. Shihab

    We read in your blog about the arrest of Amaresh Gopalakrishnan for child abuse.

    We are trying to get news about Amaresh Gopalakrishnan as he has deserted his wife and son in India. . Is it possible to get more details about Amaresh Gopalakrishnan, such that Vidyashree gets quick divorce from him.

    We do not know whom to contact for details about him. Please help.


  2. Abdul Sattar Yoosuf

    March 14, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    Dear Mohamed, I like your poetry and your expressiveness. Please keep up the blogs. It makes for delightful reading. I hope we can meet when I am in Male next. good luck.


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