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The Unthinkable

Out there
There is abundance
Abundance in the possibilities
Possibilities that are never ending

We are trapped
Trapped in the shackles
Shackles that bind us through
Through our blind loyalties of now

It is the unthinkable
The unthinkable that will
That will set us free from fear
Fear that binds us to impossibilities

We can what we dream
We have what we gave and believe
It is the overcoming of the fear
Of the unthinkable that will set us free

Embrace the unthinkable
Everyone else can be free
But I fear the unthinkable
That will set me free

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I had a dream
A beautiful dream
Made in Heaven
Wrapped with a Smile

Warm and colorful
Radiating with joy
Passionate and irresistible
Topped with sincerity

I failed to notice
The hallucination
The fabricated truth
Of a desirous mind

Woken up
From a deep sleep
I Smile and cherish
The beauty of a Lie

A mind at peace
With the harsh reality
That life is never to be
A fortune of trust

It is the beauty
Of the sacred dream
I shall cherish
Of the fabricated truth

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