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Honorable "Meemu" Shafeeg

On my way to Male’ from home I came across a GM of a large company in Male’. We talked about the previous night’s telecast of the Special Majlis. I told him that I was quite concerned about what I saw. He asked me what it was and I told him about how the Honorable Member of Meemu Atoll "Meemu" Shafeeg had responded to the Honorable Member of Alifu Alifu Honorable Majdhee in a point of order (which it actually was not). Honorable Shafeeg had accused Honorable Majdhee of being bought over by the government of President Gayyoom by appointing his "disabled" father as island chief.
To my mind, Honorable Shafeeg was unbecoming of a representative of a people, when he cannot respect others – especially disabled people; it was annoying, to me. And it had nothing related to the agenda item being deliberated. I am sure the people who Honorable Shafeeg represent, must have a good reason to back him to represent them in such a manner. Especially now, to display these values to the young minds in the constituency and the country in general.
The gentleman I spoke thought otherwise. He felt that it was the right way to deal with the likes of Honorable Majdhee. That attacking anything including his father or other members of the family, in the Majlis and on public television would be the way to contain the people who supported dictator Maumoon. He told me that I was missing the point. That the issue was actually that Honorable Gasim Ibrahim, the Speaker of the Special Majlis – was a puppet of Maumoon; and it were people of the likes of Honorable Majdhee, who gave it legitimacy. And it would be proper to use any means to break that support.
I am sure I am out of place in this country that is going through a period of transformation to becoming a full liberal democracy, in which people will have respect and dignity and basic human rights. Ofcourse, the likes of parents and family of Honorable Majdhee will be exceptions and they will have to pay for their next-of-kins’ being on the wrong side of the equation.
In a discussion on the subject with a dear friend who has been my mentor for a long time, he said that it would be best to see these things in the light of the current state of affairs of our society. He said that it would be better to see these things as a reflection of and the reality of the society that we live in; and not to be emotionally affected by these dramas.

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JJ: Justice Jameel

I just finished watching "Ten to Eleven" live on TVM. And the fortunate one on the Hot Seat was none other than Justice (Minister) Jameel. There were some questions to which he spontaneously reacted abruptly and unnecessarily. At least, by the standards I expected of a top politician he was too abrupt and too unbecoming of modern day politician. I have seen much lower down the rank politicians act calmly and take what came in earnest stride as "hell-broke-loose" on them. That comes with wisdom and genuinely connecting with the masses. Yes, that he lacked.
But that is not all. He was foreceful, logicial, straight to the point, strong, convincing, … and original. He wasn’t a fake, but genuine and with a strong belief in what he was out to do for the nation and the people. I just wish that he would become wiser with time, and calmer and able to keep a cool head – with experience. I wish that we will have strong leaders to build a bright future for this country; that the likes of him would not get in the bandwagon of "The Corrupt and the Corrupted" which we have so much in abundance amongst us.
And , it is such a sad thing that we cannot see the members of MDP shadow cabinet or spokespersons of the other politicial parties on "Ten to Eleven" prime time national television. I am not quite sure why the government is so afraid of the competition. It will only make them better.
The sad thing is that these young and budding politicians on both sides of the political divide do not really connect with people for the right reasons and to the right degree. They do not sit with people and listen to them. They are "human – and busy" (as JJ said). They fail to believe in the people who give them the power and influence to be who they are. Someday, sometime, hopefully there will come a time when they would.
I strongly disagree with a lot of decisions that JJ has made in recent times; but I am impressed he is genuine and I wish he will gain that quality to listen and become wiser with time and experience.
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We all serve others.
We give internal service to colleagues and external service to customers. With service partners we work together. You might serve a manager. Servant leaders serve their teams.
Tennis begins with service. Cars are regularly serviced. And from time to time, computers need servicing, too. There is community service, religious service, food service, civil service and military service. Prisoners are serving time. Others are serving humanity.
When you Serve you give and energy flows from you to others. That creates a vacuum, so life flows energy back to you.When you Con-serve, you put something aside so it can serve again in the future. When you Pre-serve, you protect something today so it can serve again tomorrow.
But when you think too hard about what you De-serve, your energy shifts from giving, to getting. The flow starts going backwards and you may debase, degrade, and decline.
Key Learning Point: The way to get more of whatever you want is to focus on giving more to others. If you want a lot, give a lot. If you want more, give more.
Action Steps: Want more money? Give more value. Want more love? Give more affection. Want more respect? Give more credit. Want more help? Give more appreciation. Want more understanding? Give more time.
Want a more extraordinary life? Give more of yourself to others.

Copyright, 2007, Ron Kaufman. All rights reserved. Ron Kaufman is the world’s leading educator andmotivator for uplifting customer service. He is theauthor of the bestselling "UP Your Service!" booksand founder of "UP Your Service College". For provencustomer service training tools, tips and techniques, visit

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Kokko … Hassan in Kodai Konal

This morning I met Kokko online. He said he had left Bangalore and is now living in Kodai Konal. That it was on the Kodai Road from Bangalore and was about 11 km from it. He seemed to be very content, saying that he now lived in a hut, the address of which he was not exactly sure of. He said that he would be coming to Bangalore to renew his visa, in June. And for the time being, he is waiting for a word from Dhonbe and Thithibe, as he has written to them about it.
Ahmed dropped into the conversation for a short while, and he told Hassan that he envied Hassan’s lifestyle. Hassan said that that one has to take tough decisions for that. True!
So it is once again, a completely new road that Hassan has taken in his journey of life. The road to Kodai Konal! It is apparently high up in the mountains, and he said he was literally walking in the clouds. It must be really fascinating. I would have to join him before he leaves the sanctuary of nature in June!
What is life! Why life! I sometimes wonder!
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Best Wishes Shenna

The quality of our life is a function of the quality of our decisions. The quality of our decisions are a function of the quality of the questions that we ask ourselves. The best question to ask oneself is "How?".
You know very well what you want in life! The most important thing is how to get it. Few people have the wisdom to probe that question hard enough and the courage to take the decisions that need to be taken. Right decisions can be only celebrated when you have taken them. Take a decision and don’t turn back. Go on and never look back! You will get what you want! 
Most people either sit on the decisions they have to make or wait others to make it for them or try to avoid a decision. These are qualities that few people can get rid of.
We are what we think what we are!
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Vaail Zahir Hussain

Recently I came across a young man, Vaail Zahir Hussain. He is the executive director of Haveeru and the editor of Evening Weekly. I have not met him nor known him before. My meeting with him was to do with BNET. He is also the Managing Director of BNET Communications ( , which provides digital cable TV services in Male’.
I was most fascinated by his character. He is calm and able to handle difficult situations with a focus on the objective at hand. I was personally reminded of his father, who was the Minister of Education when I was a trainee headmaster in Baa Atoll (1984) and later headmaster of Lhaviyani Atoll Education Centre (1987 – 1992).
Character is a quality that we need in young people in our country, in abundance. The emotional and social intelligence to work with others towards the benefit of others and oneself, and for the greater good of the community. This may be too much to say about a person on meeting a couple of times. But I guess time will tell.
Vaail has character and I am sure that he would make a good role model for any young Maldivian. But the fact is that we have such brilliant and progressive minds in this country and not put to use; put to waste by the system. We live a tradition and sustain it at a time when we are faced with challenges of a new paradigm.
The article on Media and Politics by Vaail ( was an interesting.
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Dare to Dream

This is the inspiration I have taken with me from the MDG Forum. And indeed the Nobel Prize that has been awarded to the founder of Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus []. I was watching him on CNN this afternoon and what he said in the interview struck me as connected to the inspiration I had from the Forum. He asked what a waste it would be if we could not enhance and benefit from the enterpreneuship, creativity and achievements of one billion people! And I am sure, it is only a few of us who has that kind of mental attitude when we think of the good of empowering the masses. It has business acumen and a perspective to the global community.
I believe that we should dare to dream for the sake of our children and the good of humanity. But the good of humanity cannot put meaning into the time and efforts required for the connectivity and networking that we need to do. The purpose has to be translated to the needs and desires of the individual. That is what has been done by this great person. And the likes of the "Red Project" of which the American Campaing was launched today. We in South Asia need to come up with a viable business model that will be both sustainable and impactful. That is what we failed to do in Kathmandu – I think now that I have immediately been exposed to the fresh Nobel Peace Prize Laurreate and the "Red" Campain []
We need to move on from the clutches of the past and the academic elite who think they know best and are bound by their age old "experiences". We need to give the helm to the young minds who "Dare to Dream".
Lets Let and Dare to Dream! [ ]
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Leaving Hassan Behind

I will be leaving Bangalore to return home after almost 18 days here, flying out of Bangalore at 1000 on Wednesday 23rd August. But as I have come for medical treatment of my brother I have not seen many places except NIMHANS and the shopping centre "The Forum". And Hotel Parag somewhere close by to NIMHANS where I have my food when I seldom come out of the hospital.
It has been a very big learning experience coming from the tiny island of Male, where you almost everything and everyone. In a big city, only except a handful of people, almost everyone wants to know just their bit and no more. However, I am very impressed by Medico Pastoral Association and an advocate whom I befriended while at the hospital, Viswesh. I am sure there will be such many people if I got to know people better.
It was a wonderful experience learning to do things myself after a long time! And at the same time the hardships that my family and work colleagues and my superiors at work have tolerated to allow me to be here for such a long time added to the treasures of my life. We are so fortunate to have such people in our lives in times of need and it is that, that makes life so beautiful.
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