09 Jul

We all serve others.
We give internal service to colleagues and external service to customers. With service partners we work together. You might serve a manager. Servant leaders serve their teams.
Tennis begins with service. Cars are regularly serviced. And from time to time, computers need servicing, too. There is community service, religious service, food service, civil service and military service. Prisoners are serving time. Others are serving humanity.
When you Serve you give and energy flows from you to others. That creates a vacuum, so life flows energy back to you.When you Con-serve, you put something aside so it can serve again in the future. When you Pre-serve, you protect something today so it can serve again tomorrow.
But when you think too hard about what you De-serve, your energy shifts from giving, to getting. The flow starts going backwards and you may debase, degrade, and decline.
Key Learning Point: The way to get more of whatever you want is to focus on giving more to others. If you want a lot, give a lot. If you want more, give more.
Action Steps: Want more money? Give more value. Want more love? Give more affection. Want more respect? Give more credit. Want more help? Give more appreciation. Want more understanding? Give more time.
Want a more extraordinary life? Give more of yourself to others.

Copyright, 2007, Ron Kaufman. All rights reserved. Ron Kaufman is the world’s leading educator andmotivator for uplifting customer service. He is theauthor of the bestselling "UP Your Service!" booksand founder of "UP Your Service College". For provencustomer service training tools, tips and techniques, visit

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