Vaail Zahir Hussain

17 Apr

Recently I came across a young man, Vaail Zahir Hussain. He is the executive director of Haveeru and the editor of Evening Weekly. I have not met him nor known him before. My meeting with him was to do with BNET. He is also the Managing Director of BNET Communications ( , which provides digital cable TV services in Male’.
I was most fascinated by his character. He is calm and able to handle difficult situations with a focus on the objective at hand. I was personally reminded of his father, who was the Minister of Education when I was a trainee headmaster in Baa Atoll (1984) and later headmaster of Lhaviyani Atoll Education Centre (1987 – 1992).
Character is a quality that we need in young people in our country, in abundance. The emotional and social intelligence to work with others towards the benefit of others and oneself, and for the greater good of the community. This may be too much to say about a person on meeting a couple of times. But I guess time will tell.
Vaail has character and I am sure that he would make a good role model for any young Maldivian. But the fact is that we have such brilliant and progressive minds in this country and not put to use; put to waste by the system. We live a tradition and sustain it at a time when we are faced with challenges of a new paradigm.
The article on Media and Politics by Vaail ( was an interesting.
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