Dare to Dream

13 Oct

This is the inspiration I have taken with me from the MDG Forum. And indeed the Nobel Prize that has been awarded to the founder of Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus []. I was watching him on CNN this afternoon and what he said in the interview struck me as connected to the inspiration I had from the Forum. He asked what a waste it would be if we could not enhance and benefit from the enterpreneuship, creativity and achievements of one billion people! And I am sure, it is only a few of us who has that kind of mental attitude when we think of the good of empowering the masses. It has business acumen and a perspective to the global community.
I believe that we should dare to dream for the sake of our children and the good of humanity. But the good of humanity cannot put meaning into the time and efforts required for the connectivity and networking that we need to do. The purpose has to be translated to the needs and desires of the individual. That is what has been done by this great person. And the likes of the "Red Project" of which the American Campaing was launched today. We in South Asia need to come up with a viable business model that will be both sustainable and impactful. That is what we failed to do in Kathmandu – I think now that I have immediately been exposed to the fresh Nobel Peace Prize Laurreate and the "Red" Campain []
We need to move on from the clutches of the past and the academic elite who think they know best and are bound by their age old "experiences". We need to give the helm to the young minds who "Dare to Dream".
Lets Let and Dare to Dream! [ ]
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