Kokko … Hassan in Kodai Konal

05 May

This morning I met Kokko online. He said he had left Bangalore and is now living in Kodai Konal. That it was on the Kodai Road from Bangalore and was about 11 km from it. He seemed to be very content, saying that he now lived in a hut, the address of which he was not exactly sure of. He said that he would be coming to Bangalore to renew his visa, in June. And for the time being, he is waiting for a word from Dhonbe and Thithibe, as he has written to them about it.
Ahmed dropped into the conversation for a short while, and he told Hassan that he envied Hassan’s lifestyle. Hassan said that that one has to take tough decisions for that. True!
So it is once again, a completely new road that Hassan has taken in his journey of life. The road to Kodai Konal! It is apparently high up in the mountains, and he said he was literally walking in the clouds. It must be really fascinating. I would have to join him before he leaves the sanctuary of nature in June!
What is life! Why life! I sometimes wonder!
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