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09 Jul

I just finished watching "Ten to Eleven" live on TVM. And the fortunate one on the Hot Seat was none other than Justice (Minister) Jameel. There were some questions to which he spontaneously reacted abruptly and unnecessarily. At least, by the standards I expected of a top politician he was too abrupt and too unbecoming of modern day politician. I have seen much lower down the rank politicians act calmly and take what came in earnest stride as "hell-broke-loose" on them. That comes with wisdom and genuinely connecting with the masses. Yes, that he lacked.
But that is not all. He was foreceful, logicial, straight to the point, strong, convincing, … and original. He wasn’t a fake, but genuine and with a strong belief in what he was out to do for the nation and the people. I just wish that he would become wiser with time, and calmer and able to keep a cool head – with experience. I wish that we will have strong leaders to build a bright future for this country; that the likes of him would not get in the bandwagon of "The Corrupt and the Corrupted" which we have so much in abundance amongst us.
And , it is such a sad thing that we cannot see the members of MDP shadow cabinet or spokespersons of the other politicial parties on "Ten to Eleven" prime time national television. I am not quite sure why the government is so afraid of the competition. It will only make them better.
The sad thing is that these young and budding politicians on both sides of the political divide do not really connect with people for the right reasons and to the right degree. They do not sit with people and listen to them. They are "human – and busy" (as JJ said). They fail to believe in the people who give them the power and influence to be who they are. Someday, sometime, hopefully there will come a time when they would.
I strongly disagree with a lot of decisions that JJ has made in recent times; but I am impressed he is genuine and I wish he will gain that quality to listen and become wiser with time and experience.
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