Five Young Men who I wish did not die!

03 Mar

The country should be mourning today, for we lost five young men who stand out from the many who have gone astray in this country. They had left families behind to look for income – and that through hard work. It is a tragedy that we should reflect and carefully give deep thought to.

The President speaking at the Youth Day celebrations on Dhangethi is reported to have expressed his condolensces to the bereaved. The media covered the incident as it unfolded: breaking news is not a daily occurance in the country.

Yet, what struck me most was the attitude of the officials who were qoute on Minivan News. Everyone seemed to be eager to point whose reponsibility it was and whose it was not. Yet, by late afternoon just a little over twelve hours into the incident the nation put it in the past; it was history.

We hurry to recite the Holy Quran canceling all radio and tv programs on state media and to fly the national flag at half mast, when a person who has done his time in age passes away. We mourn so much, for what we have lost. Yet, these five young men who stood out clearly from amongst the young poeple in this country did not seem to attract an ounce of the state attention.

Here I am, complaining too. But I feel my reasons are different. I just wish someone somewhere who could would organize a moment of silence across the nation for these young men. I wish, I pray.

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One response to “Five Young Men who I wish did not die!

  1. mhilmyh

    March 4, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    The tragic death of these five young men should be a heart- breaking shock not only to the 800 inhabitants of Diyamigili but to everyone in our nation. There are no laws regarding work place safety and our people generally don’t take seriously even the very basic safety measures such as checking for air ventilation in wells or wearing safety goggles when going down to wells. Our Government should mandate safety and run safety awareness programmes to educate the public.What strikes most is that we are losing the lives of people time after time in these types of accidents and we just move on without taking firm action to rectify the mistakes.

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