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moment of truth

i have been there
with the best of the best
riding the adrenaline wave
wild and joyous in eternity

i am here and now
watching the misery
that befalls the needy
for they have none to rally

to love and to cherish
their existence and well being
for their worth is no more
in suffering and weakness

this cruelty all around
without a heart that carry
an ounce of kindness or love
is reason to smile

for the beauty
in the smile is a cure
from the pain of helplessness
that is overwhelming the soul

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Nowhere to go

Sky is falling
Earth is boiling
World is shrinking

Nowhere to go

Burning sensation
Crippling feeling
In body mind and soul

Nowhere to go

Everyone is gone
No one to spare
A shoulder to rest

No peace in mind

Hoping to wake up
In a better place
Let me just leave

Nowhere to go

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Warmth of Hope

The beauty of a Smile
Laden with warmth
Of a kind heart
A beautiful mind

The warmth of the heart
Laden with goodwill
Of abundant generosity
A positive mental attitude

The gift of hope
Laden with tranquillity
Of a mind at peace
A word of kindness

A dream of serenity
Laden with generosity
Of an awesome past
A touch of sincerity

The future is beautiful
Awesome in essence
Built on trust and grace
That shall last into eternity

Let Smile
It’s awesome
In complete peace

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MALDIVES: Bans minority political association, by law

Today the Maldives parliament passed a bill to restrict registration of political parties to be restricted to those who can enroll 10,000 members. This effectively bans the political factions who have been active in the politics of the nation, and silencing the voice of those who take the middle ground and non-violent forms of political activity and engagement; giving the center stage of politics to the cult-like and extreme elements of our society.

The parliament vote today has been a slap in the face of the most sacred freedom enshrined in the August Constitution of the Maldives – freedom of political association, which was first introduced with the 2008 constitution.

We have seen god-like leaders who have promoted a tribal mentality and forms of extremism nationalism take higher ground, in the early years of democracy in this country. And today they have skillfully paved the way to silence all freedoms of political association to anyone else, and limit the freedom exclusively unto themselves. It is indeed a sad day for the democratic reform movement.

The same parliament also voted to conduct no-confidence votes on the President, VP and members of the cabinet and those appointed to independent commissions by parliament, to be held by a secret ballot. The argument of those for the secret ballot were that MPs will be influenced by coercive means and through money, if the vote were transparent. The reason given was that we were a small nation of close-knit associations and relations and such a vote can only be independent if it were through a secret ballot.

Most who support the restriction and the banning of smaller political associations say that the country cannot afford so many parties. Their assumption being that the state has to fund all political parties. Political party state funding could have been based on electoral seats won by them and that would have solved the problem, if that was the problem.

It is sad that Human Rights Commission empowered by the constitution to uphold the rights enshrined in the constitution has not uttered a word now, nor when the bill was in parliament at committee stage. I was reprimanded by the Elections Commission for writing against the proposed restriction of political parties, that we have now seen passed by parliament. That is how influential the gatekeepers of the efforts to re-branding of the monarchy have been.

One “learned-friend” told me that the bill does not restrict freedom of expression and political thought, but restricts political association in a democratic manner, as this is going to be a bill passed by parliament and made into law. He went on to argue that the will of the people (through parliament) shall prevail in a true democracy. Democracy – my foot!

I call upon the President to send back the bill to parliament to rectify the violation of freedom of expression and freedom of association that this bill restricts.

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Plight of Teachers and Schools (2)

The school principal who spoke to me said that the school has not paid it’s electricity bill for the past several months, and that the electricity provider has threatened to disconnect the power supply. It is now very likely that the children will be forced to stay in the scorching heat without fans, from the beginning of next year.

Not only that!

The school budget sanctioned administrative expenses (idhaaree hingumuge kharadhu) for this year had an amount less than 1,000.00 Rufiyaa for the whole year. The travel expenses allocated was not enough to buy a one way ticket to Male’. And the capital expenditure approvals take months and would be usually sanctioned toward December, which means the items cannot be bought.

Schools have indeed become a burden, just like the teachers. Maldives has become so overwhelmed by the cost of democracy and good governance, that schooling has become unaffordable.

President Waheed is reported to have said on teachers’ day, that he will do everything he can, for teachers. But what can he do? Possibly, nothing!

Presidential hopeful Mohamed Nasheed “Anni” is also reported to have said that he will give a banana and a glass of milk to each school kid every morning. More promises are likely to be made as more join the race and start the campaign tours.

Going by the past 20 years, especially the last seven, it is highly unlikely that schooling will offer the kind of access to quality education that will make future generations productive and competitive citizens capable of a decent life. We will be going back a century in terms of human development. Good education will be out of reach of the ordinary and the average Maldivian. Monarchy will be back – in the guise of democracy!

(to be continued)

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Smile for no Reason

Smile because you can. That is the best reason to Smile. For no reason. Absolutely none.

We live in a world of disappointment. A world full of problems. No one seems to be content with what they have. Not only do they desire things. But they want it for free and without effort. This is the age of the free handouts. It is not only them. The same is true of us true of me. I am no exception. You are neither.

We wish. We desire. And we want it to be. That is the reality. That is a fact. Would you disagree?

I have no reason to Smile. But I do because I can.

Have fun!

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Brought up the Wrong Way

Today I went through a debate all by myself, in the middle of nowhere, trying to understand the purpose of my existence. The thought has occurred to me several times over the last few days and sometime in the past. 

The debate is about right and wrong, good and bad, what is acceptable and unacceptable, what is reasonable and unreasonable. Where to draw the line and how to make the differentiation. 

I concluded that I need to go back to the people who brought me up. Ask them why they taught me all the wrong values in life – respect, tolerance, humility, coexistence. And many more that has made life so unbearable. Values and ways which put me off from the challenges of life in this day and age. 

I want my children and grand children to grow up watching and loving and following WWW wrestling every day. They will not need to respect parents, teachersrand elderly. They will demand and get respect by whatever means they see fit. 

Who cares? You can rot in hell you m’fcuker will  e their life philosophy. I will follow the good old ways. 


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Rayyithunge Ninmum: Furathama Buru

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Vacancy for a Secretary

Damas is engaged in trading and has a network of retail and wholesale outlets in Male’ and business partners in the outer islands. We deal in hardware, paints, furniture, hotel-resort machinery and equipment and related items, construction materials, tiles and sanitaryware.

The Company is looking for a suitable candidate to the post of Secretary in the Corporate Affairs Department. The successful candidate will be given a salary commensurate with qualification experience. The applicants should have good communication skills – in both Divehi and English as well fluency in computer relevant computer applications. We are looking for a person with diploma level qualification and preferably with some legal background.

Those interested may send in their CV along with expression of interest and expected remuneration to


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To give back Atholhuvehi back to the atolls people

I was at the relauch of Dhiraagu post paid packages at Hulhule Island Hotel, Thursday evening. I sat at a table with a group of government (now interim: civil) servants. At the table small groups discussed about several things. In our small group the discussion revolved around that of atoll chiefs. A very interesting proposal came up for the stationing of atoll chiefs, in our discussion.

It would be indeed more efficient to have the atoll chiefs stationed in Male’, the country’s capital. This would allow them to liaise and coordinate with the relevant line ministries and government departments for the development of the atoll. Atoll chiefs can visit their respective atolls on a monthly basis depending on the need. Even now the atoll chiefs do not reside on all the islands of the atoll. They are more like attendants to visiting delegates of the government, according to reliable and informed sources.

The proposed setting up of offices of atoll chiefs in Male’ would expedite development of the atolls and cut down on expenditure for travel by government (future: civil service) officials to the atolls. The atolls administration or development Ministry would have their atoll office in the atoll which would be headed by a director general for administration and atoll development.

The atoll chief would be the representative of the people of the atoll who will function as the representative of the His Excellency the President, and will have the opportunity to carry out his functions as such, rather than as a representative of the Minister of Atolls Development (or Atolls Administration as maybe later called). It can also be that the HEP would in fact appoint an atoll chief from amongst the members elected by the people to represent them through local council elections.

Atoll chiefs would hold daily teleconferences with island chiefs, school heads, hospital managers and other key administrators on a scheduled basis twice a week.

In addition to the numerous benefits of this move, the government can actually implement this idea without much cost to the taxpayer. “Atholhuvehi” which is now used as a detention center by the Maldives Police Service can be handed back to its rightful owners.

The government can take a loan to put up the building from HSBC or the MCB and rent the first six floors of the 14 storey building which would be used as residences and the office complex for atoll chiefs. The entrance to the office complex would be to side roads while the entrance to the business complex would face the sea. Ofcourse, the basement will provide secure parking too. All this can happen in a matter of two years, and at no cost to the Finance Minister as it would be a self financing project.

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