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Back after a long time

It has been a long time since I have blogged. Party due to most of my ranting being on Facebook and Twitter. Partly due to the break I took after struggling with my writers’ block and the anxiety thereof.

However, I feel that the feel that the experiences that I am currently going through need to be documented and kept since these are very useful learning experiences.

Look forward to being here more often and to share my experiences, thoughts and outbursts.

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I look
Forward to
these conversations
For moments of joy

Because happiness
Is knowing, that you are
Cherished and appreciated
Not for things but who you are

It is wonderful
To be loved and cherished
And a conversation of love
Is what makes the day blossom

Broken thoughts
Broken hearts and minds
Can mend with love and care
When they are genuine and warm

Mending the Broken Heart

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What to do on mental health day

Mental health day should be about visiting a family member, relative, friend or colleague who is going through a tough time,

to sit down with them and to give them dedicated quality time to listen and let them know you have heard, and respect their feelings without prejudice and judgement.

It should not be a day to talk to or about people with mental disability. It should be a day to listen to them. Give those suffering a safe space to walk into, where they will be welcome and heard by caregivers who know how.

And if you can’t visit, make a call and have a conversation and just listen. You can do wonders. Yes, you can.

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Mental Health Day thoughts

The country is celebrating Mental Health Day today. Walking, talking, running, posting, boasting, and what not. The person who is suicidal is there in the crowd and watching.

Given up on life, without any hope or meaningful purpose. The only hope for them is the deafeningly loud noise telling them that you are no good, useless, worthless, and constantly reminding of their failures and the ill fate awaiting the next moment, the next day, the next week, the next year, and so on.

The challenge is to act, better than the most renowned artist, to show the rest of humanity what a happy person you are, have been and will be. That life is beautiful inside and out. Knowing well what a lie it is.

It is funny that people around are so eager to help, but they want you to expose yourself first. Then they want to play the pity card.

Life goes on – it is just another day of wearing tshirts, walking, talking, posting, boasting and what not. All that needs to be done is a drop in center and a helpline in population centers.

But they will not do it. It will not be a photo op as grand as the above. Happy Mental Health Day to all suffering.


Violent extremism in the schools of Maldives

Today I came across this amazing piece of writing, which – according to a friend, was circulating in Viber groups. The author is Mr. Ismail Shafeeu, who is said to have worked at all levels of the education sector over the past years and is currently pursuing his education further. (Kindly note below is a crude translation.)

“There are 2160 expatriate teachers who are teaching in the schools of Maldives this year – 2019. In the past years, we have had even more. Moreover, over 85% of doctors and nurses working in the Maldives are foreigners. And 90% of them are not Muslims.

The said expatriates live a peaceful life, with dignity and respect. If the schools in the country had a curriculum promoting religious extremism, would they have been able to live in peace?

As a person who have worked at all levels of the school system, I can confidently say that there is no part in the education provided in the schools that promotes hatred or violence against non-Muslims. The result is that (including myself) the most beloved of teachers of any Maldivian is either a Sri Lankan or and Indian. If schools promoted religious hatred this would not have been the case.

Therefore those who say that the schools in Maldives teach religious extremism are saying so without any basis. Such research is based on heresy, fabricated information, and lies produced by them. These will not be considered in distinguished academic discourse.

The great majority of those who have lost civility and good character are mostly those who have not completed the school system. They had not completed formal schooling up to grade 10 or 12 in a school. It is highly unlikely that a person who have completed and gone through a good education in their school days will have such extremist leniencies. This is sufficient to realize that the school curriculum in Maldives does not promote religious extremism.

Indeed. Allah has set limits in Islam to protect the fundamentals of the humanity, civilization, wealth and religious matters. Those who criticize religion do not want to be bound by those limits. It is evident from what they write. There agenda can only be achieved through the elimination of the Islamic curriculum in schools. Therefore they voice out against the basis of the curriculum which is the Quran the Ways of Prophet Muhammadh Rasool S.A.W. There can be no other reason.”

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Missed Mandhatha

The Ruby Arena, TRIVANDRUM: This afternoon I was having lunch with my father and step mother Hawatha. As we were in a conversation while waiting for the food to arrive, I was suddenly reminded of my first step mother Mandhatha.

The thought brought tears to my eyes. She was a wonderful person. She treated me like she treated any other of her children. She was always giving. She had so much to give. But. She never asked nor wanted anything from me.

The last time I saw her was when she was in hospital. Very ill. I put something under her pillow which I wanted her to have. I specifically remember that because she would not have allowed my if she knew. I came to Male’ after the visit hoping to return to see her. But she was gone before I could visit.

The most cherished of the memories I have of her is the goodies that she would send to us all the way from Addu. Sometimes she would send it through people. Sometimes she would bring it by herself.

Not only that. Whenever I would visit Addu she would make a feast “like a jinni” (in a flash). She would find the chicken and make a feast as for a prince. She would amass goodies to be taken. I would have to convince her I like to travel light, and finally negotiate to send it through someone going to Male’.

I missed her so badly, because I realized I never gave anything to the woman who gave so much to me.

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he and she

he and she
drive fear and hatred
into you in abundance
making life unbearable

she thinks
you are not worth
nor good for anything
hatred is all she knows

he thinks
you are no use
nor good for anything
driving fear is all he knows

they define your life
your happiness and joy
they are masters of fate
who only know fear and hatred

is a child of fate
born of a purpose
designed by destiny

he and she
are the masters
of your fate and destiny
full of fear and hatred

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moment of truth

i have been there
with the best of the best
riding the adrenaline wave
wild and joyous in eternity

i am here and now
watching the misery
that befalls the needy
for they have none to rally

to love and to cherish
their existence and well being
for their worth is no more
in suffering and weakness

this cruelty all around
without a heart that carry
an ounce of kindness or love
is reason to smile

for the beauty
in the smile is a cure
from the pain of helplessness
that is overwhelming the soul

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Nowhere to go

Sky is falling
Earth is boiling
World is shrinking

Nowhere to go

Burning sensation
Crippling feeling
In body mind and soul

Nowhere to go

Everyone is gone
No one to spare
A shoulder to rest

No peace in mind

Hoping to wake up
In a better place
Let me just leave

Nowhere to go

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Warmth of Hope

The beauty of a Smile
Laden with warmth
Of a kind heart
A beautiful mind

The warmth of the heart
Laden with goodwill
Of abundant generosity
A positive mental attitude

The gift of hope
Laden with tranquillity
Of a mind at peace
A word of kindness

A dream of serenity
Laden with generosity
Of an awesome past
A touch of sincerity

The future is beautiful
Awesome in essence
Built on trust and grace
That shall last into eternity

Let Smile
It’s awesome
In complete peace

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