Child Abuse Watch Maldives: Day One

16 Aug

Children can be spared for the time being; there are more important things to take care of! And even if we want to, the laws are on the side of the pedophiles. So, the problems lies with the legislature. [But then, who controls the legislature! By definition, the government does! And if they want to get something through parliament as a priority they can. They blocked the sacking of the Special Majlis Speaker and the no confidence on cabinet ministers.]
One of the stories of beautiful children, in paradise … the Sunny Side of Life (abused and left to fend for themselves) is as follows! What the government and the media have to say, is penned by Hilath Rasheed of Haveeru News: [].
And the islands are ruled by thugs, who are "invisible" as evident from the report by Mohamed Saleem of Aafathis News: [] Maduvvari in Raa Atoll is a small island which is densely populated.
The above are reasons for a strong advocacy to make sure that the government and civil society as well as the private sector will take, definitive action to stop this epidemic in our society. Child Abuse Watch Maldives will contribute to that process.
The announcement by the government that they have embarked on a study to meet the harshest treatment to pedophiles is a step in the wrong direction: []. When I spoke to a national human rights official, and told him that the first action step by CAWM will be to prepare a comprehensive report on child abuse by pedophiles in the country, he was quick to mention numerous reseach and reporting by the government and the international community on child abuse including sexual abuse, in the country within a year from today. When told that CAWM will use the findings of those reports to produce a report in Dhivehi, he agreed it can have an impact.
What we need is "Action to Protect the Maldivian Child" to begin on the first of September. When the politicians want it they do it: look at the kind of energy, effort, commitment and dedication to do the maximum to educate the people to chose the "right form of government"! Only if our politicians will care so much about the future of our children and grand children!

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2 responses to “Child Abuse Watch Maldives: Day One

  1. Mohamed

    August 18, 2007 at 8:16 am

    Child Abuse Watch is a good idea. i am in shihab.
    There should be quarterly report produced to submit all authorities concerned. Yes, we need an NGO and a website with a blog.

  2. Yasir

    August 17, 2007 at 7:33 am

    Gosh, the idea of invicible and invincible thugs sounds really like in the Hindi movies.
    So true that country’s children require providable potection and greater attention. Will politicians do anything before anything happens to their children or are they waiting for a hard lesson to be learned?

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