Police Arrest Eight Paedophiles: by Minivan News

16 May

Police have arrested eight paedophiles in two separate incidents involving the sexual abuse of two girls, aged three and ten.

Addressing press today, Inspector Mirufath Faiz, head of the police family and child protection unit, said the ten-year-old girl from Haa Dhaalu atoll Naivaadhoo had been repeatedly sexually abused by her father, uncle and four family friends since the age of five.

The girl’s mother who is divorced from her father reported the case on 16 April after she discovered her daughter had been abused; the girl had been living with her father and step-mother.

“According to her medical records, doctors say the girl is neither physically nor mentally fit,” said Mirufath.

The ages of the six men who abused the girl ranged from 19 to 73, she said, adding the police investigation revealed the girl had on one occasion been simultaneously sexually abused by her 45-year-old father and 52-year-old uncle.

Although the names of the girl’s father and uncle cannot be named to protect her identity, the other suspects are Abdulla Ali, 73, from Haa Dhaalu atoll Naivaadhoo; Abdulla Shareef, 36, from Thaa atoll Thimarafushi; Ahmed Muhuthaaru, 19, from Haa Dhaalu atoll Naivaadhoo; and Ismail Ahmed, 52, from M. Baadhiya in Male’.

Mirufath said the case of the three-year-old girl from Vilimale’ island was filed on 3 May and two expatriates, Juweil, 20, and Ramzan Ali, 26, were being held in police custody in connection with the crime.

She said the two men did not have valid work permits and had been hired by the girl’s family on a temporary basis to carry out household chores.

“I appeal not to expose your children,” said Mirufath.



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2 responses to “Police Arrest Eight Paedophiles: by Minivan News

  1. fataasTV

    June 18, 2009 at 8:10 pm

  2. Nisreen

    May 20, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    Child sexual abuse will persists as long as the people in authority is kept soooo ignorant as they are right now, making the public aware is 2nd priority. Right now what the police is soo ignorant that they take in the abuser with the victim into the same room for investigation!!!! how dumb and stupid can one get!!!!!!I say so as I just experienced it with someone close to me and I have told the police that it is not possible for the victim to admit what the perpetrator did as long as the abuser is in front or in hearing distance as well, for abusers terrorise the victims beyond imagination for someone who had never gone through this.It is high time the authority is educated on this topic as now CSA has become an everyday news topic in Maldives, and this is 0.1% of the cases which are being reported.I am willing to prepare a program if I can get help for this NEEDS TO BE STOPPED in this little society we live!

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